There are many benefits of having a wood-burning insert

There are many benefits of having a wood-burning insert

Most of us enjoy sitting in front of a crackling fire during the cooler months of the year, but there are many drawbacks to traditional fireplaces. The heat output compared to the amount of fuel they use is extremely low, they require a significant amount of maintenance, and they produce large quantities of smoke. In contrast, wood-burning fireplace inserts have many advantages, ranging from cutting costs to being more eco-friendly. Here are four of the top reasons to consider choosing a fireplace insert:

Increasing Energy Efficiency and Reducing Heating Costs

The increased efficiency of wood-burning inserts makes them a great alternative heating system for your home. New inserts can heat a room three times longer, with the same number of logs, than a traditional fireplace. The reason for this is that traditional fireplaces have open hearths that draw heated air into the fire, which causes it to burn faster at a much lower temperature. In contrast, fireplace inserts have an airtight, sealed door, which allows the wood to burn slower and at a much hotter temperature. The overall efficiency ratings of fireplace inserts ranges anywhere from 65-80% depending on the age and type of the insert, thereby making them an affordable way to heat your home during the winter.

Fireplace inserts can reduce your heating bills further because they also provide more insulation for your home and solve downdraft problems with which traditional fireplaces struggle. When your fireplace insert is installed, insulation is installed around it, which allows less heat to escape during winter and keeps cool air in during summer. The sealed glass doors also prevent cold wind that blows down your chimney from entering your home. Even when not in use, your fireplace insert will lower the cost of heating and cooling your home.

A More Eco-Friendly Heating Option

The increased efficiency achieved by fireplace inserts means less smoke and lower emissions. The longer a fire burns, the more of the harmful combustion gases it’s able to burn up. For the environmentally conscious, a wood-burning insert is an especially great heating option. Wood is a sustainable, renewable fuel sources. By using a wood-burning insert, you can decrease your overall carbon footprint. Burning wood is considered “carbon neutral” by the Carbon Trust because wood releases the same amount of carbon when it decays in nature as it does when burned.

Enhancing your Home’s Aesthetics

Fireplace inserts are available in many attractive styles and designs. Whatever your aesthetic preferences, you will most likely be able to find a model that suits your taste. There are inserts that are designed to mount flush with the face of your fireplace and those that are designed to project out further from the hearth. Each one creates an attractive focal point for your room.

Along with their aesthetic appeal, fireplace inserts offer a number of features. Some inserts come with self-cleaning glass doors that burn off the creosote that would otherwise build up on them. Some models come with heat distributor fans, thermostats and remote controls to make using them more convenient. To learn more about wood inserts or for help determining which unit is right for your particular application, contact the professionals at Northeastern Fireplace & Design. We can walk you through the process of selecting and installing your new fireplace insert. So what are you waiting for?