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Whether you like it or not, your fireplace says a lot about your lifestyle, taste and how you prefer to spend your time. What is your hearth saying about you? If you aren’t too pleased with the statement it’s making, or if you aren’t enjoying your hearth as much as you’d like to, it’s time to take a look at some other options.

Here at Northeastern Fireplace & Design, we carry the largest selection of quality fireplaces, stoves, & inserts in the upstate New York area. Since 1993, our team of skilled and certified chimney technicians has been providing professional heating appliance installations, maintenance and repairs throughout Greene, Columbia, Albany and Hudson counties including the cities of Troy, Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs, Hudson, Delmar and Poughkeepsie. Having worked on every type and brand of appliance, we have the knowledge and experience to back up all of our suggestions, and can help you confidently choose your next fireplace, stove or insert. Additionally, our technicians can help you care for your new addition, so that you can enjoy your purchase as safely, and for as long as possible.

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Fireplaces, Inserts, Stoves – Which Is Right For You?

Choosing between a fireplace, insert or stove can be a bit overwhelming – but there are a few major differences that can help you decide.
A fireplace is built or installed into the home, and works in conjunction with a specific chimney system. If you don’t yet have a fireplace or chimney, and are looking to add value and warmth to your home, a fireplace may be just what you need.
We carry a variety of fireplaces, from electric to gas/propane or wood-burning. From historic-looking and majestic Rumford fireplaces to beautiful bay-window style units, if you’re in the market for a new fireplace, look no further than Northeastern Fireplace & Design!

If you already have a fireplace in your home, but simply want to upgrade and increase efficiency, switch up styles, or change fuel types, an insert may be the answer. Inserts are factory-built and designed to fit right inside of your existing fireplace, and may be able to work with your existing chimney system. Inserts have been shown to significantly cut down on heat loss (in comparison with many fireplaces), and can give your hearth the makeover you’ve been seeking.

From traditional cast iron to industrial-themed models, we offer a variety of inserts, burning a variety of fuels.

A stove, on the other hand, can be either retrofitted into an existing fireplace or free-standing. Many people prefer stoves because of their placement flexibility, their traditional looks, and their effectiveness as zone heaters.

Here at Northeastern Fireplace & Design, we offer gas/propane, pellet/corn, and wood-burning stoves – the choice is yours!

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There are dozens of ways to accessorize your hearth to make it work for you while adding style to your home. Find out more from the experts at Northeastern Fireplace & Design.

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