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Enviro Empress
(In White)

Was $3995 Clearance $2895

Cast iron construction.

  • Tri-mode thermostat.
  • Large heat exchanger.
  • Operates with cast doors open or closed.

Painted white, Log Set.

Heating Area
1600 ft²


Glass Size
249 in²

Convection Fan
105 CFM

EPA Emissions
1.7 gmsHopper Capacity
55 lbsWeight
230 lbsDimensions
26” x 26” x 27”Consult manual for exact dimensions.
Specifications may vary based on selected options.
Brick-lined firebox with 6″ flute.
Ceramic top baffle.
Mobile home approved.
Heavy-duty construction.
5/16″ thick steel top and ash shelf on flat top models.
1/2″ diameter door handle and hinge pins.
Cast iron adjustable door latch.Options
Painted Black, Chestnut or Diamond Black Enamel Finish.
Cast iron side shelves in Multiple Finishes.
135 CFM Fan Kit with Variable Speed Control.
Fresh Air Kit for Airtight Homes.Specifications
Heating Area
3000 ft²
Glass Size
177 in²
Convection Fan
EPA Emissions
4.5 gms
Log Size
Burn Time
8-12 hrs
Firebox Size
2.5 ft²
450 lbs
30” x 29” x 31”
Consult manual for exact dimensions.
Specifications may vary based on selected options.

Deva 8220 Wood Cookstoves

Was $4,599.00 Clearance $2,695.00
Firebox Capacity: 1.6 cu ft
Size: Up to 46,000 BTUs
EPA Rating: Exempt
Maximum Log Length: 17″
Flue Exit & Diameter: Top or Rear – 6″
Oven Capacity: 2.5 cu ft

Classic good looks with contemporary performance.
With classic style and radiant heat, the Hearthstone Deva does it all: cooks your food, warms your home, and enhances your kitchen. This wood-fired cookstove features a beautiful cast-iron-with-nickel-trim construction and user-friendly controls. Handsome and well-crafted, the Deva evokes memories, nostalgia, and pleasure.


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I am sitting in front of my new stove right now. It was truly amazing to see the difference. No smoke, and no smoke alarms! It is wonderful!!!! Thank you for going above and beyond and being so responsive and persistent with what I imagine was a challenging installation. We love it and are toasty. Our house looks a little funny with the massive chimney but I am getting more used to it each day..... Thanks for being such a huge help - starting all the way back to last summer when I started researching this.... It has been a dream for over 10 years and it is wonderful to now have it a reality. It feels so wonderful to have a way to keep warm that isn't 100% dependent on oil/electricity. I feel more secure. Thanks for all of you council, input, suggestions, and also thanks to all of your staff who were helpful along the way.And thanks for checking back in too. Have a great year!
~ Ann, NY