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Get The Look & Feel Of The Past With The Technology & Innovation Of Today With a Gas, Pellet, or Wood Stove!

Nostalgia aside, there’s just something about the coziness and magnetism of a stove that really brings people together and lights up the night. Whether the stove is fueled by gas/propane, pellet/corn or wood, it’s sure to foster relaxing, warm nights, romantic moments and meaningful stories.

If you’ve been craving the charm and character that a stove can add to the home, stop dreaming and come see us! Here at Northeastern Fireplace & Design, we carry a large assortment of stoves (fueled by gas/propane, pellets/corn or wood) in a variety of sizes and styles. Our team of experts can answer any questions you may have and advise you on which fuel type and size will most benefit your space.

Depending on your lifestyle and space, you may prefer one type of fuel over another, but here are some of the benefits of each:

  • Gas/Propane – Gas-burning stoves can be enjoyed quickly and easily and are great for the on-the-go individual or family. Plus, with gas you don’t have to worry about storing or loading fuel – it’s all done for you.
  • Pellet/Corn – Pellet/Corn-burning stoves are great heat producers and make use of otherwise wasted fuel. And since pellet/corn can be bought in small or large quantities, fuel storage shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Wood – Wood-burning stoves are especially great producers of heat and are enjoyed for their charm, warmth and beautiful, flickering flames. Plus, wood is always readily available (and often free!). Another benefit of modern wood stoves is that a lot of improvements have been made in terms of emissions and efficiency.

From traditional cast iron freestanding stoves to sassy modern units, we’re confident you’ll find a stove that fits with your needs and style! Enjoy the placement freedom and room-enhancing qualities of a stove – start shopping, now!

Have questions? Let us help! We have extensive product knowledge and experience and can help you decide which stove, fireplace or insert is right for you and your home. Just give us a call at (518) 767-9314 or visit our showroom here in Selkirk, NY! Click here for directions!


You may want the overall warmth provided by a central heating/furnace unit. If so, let us help you choose this important heating appliance for your specific needs and budget.

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I am sitting in front of my new stove right now. It was truly amazing to see the difference. No smoke, and no smoke alarms! It is wonderful!!!! Thank you for going above and beyond and being so responsive and persistent with what I imagine was a challenging installation. We love it and are toasty. Our house looks a little funny with the massive chimney but I am getting more used to it each day..... Thanks for being such a huge help - starting all the way back to last summer when I started researching this.... It has been a dream for over 10 years and it is wonderful to now have it a reality. It feels so wonderful to have a way to keep warm that isn't 100% dependent on oil/electricity. I feel more secure. Thanks for all of you council, input, suggestions, and also thanks to all of your staff who were helpful along the way.And thanks for checking back in too. Have a great year!
~ Ann, NY