Make Good Use Of Waste With A Pellet Stove!

Pellet and corn-burning stoves are great for the eco-conscious homeowner, producing heat and warmth out of otherwise wasted materials. With features like automatic feeders and heat controls, pellet/corn stoves are more convenient and easy to use than ever – and when it comes to fuel storage, pellets and corn require much less space than wood. Take a look at the great pellet/corn stoves we offer!

M55: Multi-Fuel Stove by Envirofire

Name: M55: Multi-Fuel Stove
Brand: Envirofire
Type: Freestanding
Fuel: Pellet/Corn
Description:Boasting the nicest flame in the pellet stove market, the M55 Multi-Fuel Stove by Envirofire allows you to change the fuel type. Choose from super premiun, premium, standard pellets, utility pellets, or alternate fuels from wood pellets, corn, wheat, barley, paper pellets to all bark pellets.

M55 Multi-Fuel Stove by Envirofire
* 55,000 BTUs
* Heats up to 2500 sq. ft.
* 79.8% Efficiency
* EPA tested 2.0 g/hr emissions
* Low maintenance burner – This patent pending technology has an agitator rod in the burn pot that breaks up any clinker or ash and helps move it into the ash pan. This greatly reduces cleaning intervals and also allows you to burn lesser quality, inexpensive pellets and alternate fuels.* Quick start ignitor with air pump
* Quietest pellet stove in the industry (40-45 dB at 10 ft. away)* Fluted cast iron firebox liner
* Built-in floor protection no hearth pad required
* Standard wall thermostat
* Tri-mode operating system
* Manual Hi/Lo Auto/Off

Meridian by Envirofire

Name: Meridian
Brand: Envirofire
Type: Freestanding
Fuel: Pellet/Corn
Name: The Auburn
Brand: St. Croix Stoves
Type: Freestanding
Fuel: Pellet/Corn
Description: Combining traditional beautiful design with quiet, inexpensive, and efficient heating comfort, the Envirofire Meridian provides 45,000 BTUs with its heavy-duty heat exchanger and 160-cfm convection fan. Durable and low-maintenance, this pellet stove features a cast-iron firebox brick liner, which is specially designed, and you can add to the beauty of the Meridian with the optional available trim kits, including antique copper, 24-kt gold, and pewter.

Meridian by Envirofire
* Recessed hopper lid handle.
* Hidden heavy-duty heat exchanger.
* Cast iron firebox brick liner.
*Large full pedestal ash pan.
* Covered, fully automatic controls.
*-Hi/Lo thermostat compatible.
*-On/Off thermostat compatible.
* Remote control compatible.
* Painted trim and door accents.
* Bay arched door.
* Pewter, 24kt gold or antique copper body trim pieces.
* Pewter, 24kt gold or antique copper door cover.
* 255 lbs in weight.
* 55 lb hopper.
* Height 32 3/4″, Width 25″, Depth 25″
* 83% efficient.
* 45,000 BTU’s.
* Standard 300-watt ignitor.

Mini by Envirofire

Name: Mini
Brand: Envirofire
Type: Freestanding
Fuel: Pellet/Corn
Description:A small, European-styled pellet stove that can fit almost anywhere, the powerful Mini delivers unbelievable, clean, and efficient heating.
STANDARD FEATURES* Heats 600 to 1200 sq. ft.
* 80% Efficiency
* 30,000 BTU’s

Mini by Envirofire
* 50 lb (22 kg) hopper capacity
* 18” X 19 1/2 “ in size
* Built-in hearth pad
* Circuit board control panel
* Dual mode thermostat ready
* “Run Quiet” system
* Large viewing area (130 sq. in.)
* Large ash pan
* Comes standard with ignitor
* Large heat exchanger
* Levelling legsOptions
* Variable speed fan
* Outside combustion blower kit
* Stainless Steel cab sides

The Enviro Maxx by Envirofire

Name: The Enviro Maxx
Brand: Envirofire
Type: Freestanding
Fuel: Pellet/Corn
Description:Environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient, the Envirofire Enviro Maxx is a powerful free-standing pellet stove, providing the maximum in comfortable heat.
* Heats 900 to 2700 sq. ft.
* 80% Efficient
* Up to 130 lb. Hopper capacity
* 455 lbs. (with fuel)
* 2 door choices (large or small glass)
* Heat exchanger cleaning system
* Tri-mode operating system: Manual – Hi/Lo – Auto/Off
* Standard bolt-on hearth pad
* 455 cfm variable speed fan
* 42” high x 26” deep x 25” wideDual Chamber Ash PanThe Enviro Maxx dual-chamber ash pan minimizes cleaning inside the unit. One chamber is for the exhaust ash and one for the firebox ash.

Maxx by Envirofire

Harman P43

Name: P43
Brand: Harman
Type: Freestanding
Fuel: Pellet/Corn
Description:If you’re looking for a small stove that really packs a punch, the P43 is where it’s at. It’s efficient, environmentally-friendly, compact, and made to provide supplemental heat, while reducing your energy bills and making it easy and affordable to keep your home comfortable.

Maxx by Envirofire


* Auto-ignition

* Easy temperature control

* A clean, clear view of the fire, thanks to the air wash system

* Large hopper capacity (more heat, less getting up to refuel)

*Large ash pan (less frequent cleanup)

* Easy installation (no chimney needed)

* 3 trim options and inlay options

* Optional log set

Harman P68

Name: P68
Brand: Harman
Type: Freestanding
Fuel: Pellet/Corn
Description:One of the most efficient pellet stoves available, the P68 is a heating machine! It’s a larger stove and it can effectively and effortlessly heat spaces as large as 3,900 square feet. The hopper can hold 76 lbs. of pellets, which means you won’t have to get out of your comfy chair to refuel anytime soon.

Mini by Envirofire

With a Harman P68 pellet stove, you’ll enjoy high efficiency (thanks to the accordion heat exchanger), consistent, easy to maintain room temperature, clean glass (thanks to the air wash system), lower maintenance (thanks to the large ash pan), and a breath-taking fire, every time. You can even customize your stove by choosing your trim, inlay, and optional log set. Plus, installation is easy with these direct vent stoves!

Harman Allure50

Name: Allure50
Brand: Harman
Type: Freestanding
Fuel: Pellet/Corn
DescriptionFor a modern touch, there’s the Allure50 pellet stove. Its contemporary design and powerful performance make it a winner across the board, and you’ll love the peace of Whisper mode, plus the beautiful mirrored glass front.


Mini by Envirofire

Other features that make the Allure50 such a popular choice are:

* The easy to use touch controls

* The consistent room temperature regulation

* The 92 lb hopper capacity

* The multidirectional air flow

Who says stoves have to be old-fashioned or traditional? With the Allure50, pellet heating is as cool as it gets.

Harman Absolute43

Name: Absolute43
Brand: Harman
Type: Freestanding
Fuel: Pellet/Corn
Description:Enjoying a pellet fire has never been easier than it is with this smart pellet stove. The Absolute43 pellet stove features an EASY touch control and LED hopper light, and works so quietly in Whisper mode, you won’t have to talk over it or crank up the volume on the TV. The hopper holds up to 52 lbs of pellets, and at 82.3% efficiency, you can affordably heat spaces up to 2,400 sq. ft. in size.


harman absolute 43

Features include:

* Multi-directional air flow technology, which means a warmer more comfortable space

* Flame-reactive mirrored glass for a more beautiful view of the fire

* Easy fuel level viewing

* Easy to use touch controls

* Simple installation with direct vent

You can also choose between two classic finishes for the perfect accent: matte black and porcelain majolica brown.

Harman XXV

Name: XXV
Brand: Harman
Type: Freestanding
Fuel: Pellet/Corn
DescriptionWith modes like stove temperature mode, room temperature mode, and manual or auto ignition, enjoying your Harman XXV is easy. What makes this anniversary tribute such a popular stove?

* The cast iron workmanship

* The intricate oak leaf styling

* The unparalleled temperature accuracy and control

* The EASY touch control system

* The 65 lb hopper capacity

* The mirrored glass

* The quiet Whisper mode

* The tinted hopper lid

* The five beautiful finish options

Mini by Envirofire

There are also great safety features, like:

* Automatic shutdown (when incomplete combustion is sensed)

* A pressure switch (which detects chimney blockages and shuts the feed motor and ignitor off)

* The hopper lid position switch (which shuts the feed motor off for your safety when the hopper is open)

* ESP (which senses excessively high temps and reduces to a low burn to prevent overfiring)

Efficiency, beauty, heat, and safety are all included in this winning package!

Want to know more about the benefits of opting for a pellet/corn stove? Give us a call at (518) 767-9314 or come see us!

Don’t be surprised when you find both tradition and innovation in today’s wood-burning stoves. Our experienced staff can help you decide if this is the best stove choice for you.


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