Concerned About Storage & Eco-Friendliness? Consider A Pellet/Corn Insert!

Pellet/corn-burning inserts make use of wood shavings and corn that would otherwise be thrown out. So if you were the first person on your block to start recycling, this could be the fuel type for you. Check out some of our easy-to-use and high-output pellet/corn inserts and see what all the buzz is about!

The Meridian Fireplace Insert by Envirofire

Name: The Meridian Fireplace Insert
Brand: Envirofire
Type: Insert
Fuel: Pellet/Corn
Description: The traditional design of the Meridian is beautifully complemented with an elegantly arched door. The specially designed cast iron brick liner is both durable and attractive. Hidden from view is our unique heavy-duty heat exchanger and quiet 160 cfm convection fan, which combine to efficiently deliver a whopping 45,000 BTUs of heating comfort into your home.The Meridian delivers what you want – quiet, inexpensive and efficient heating comfort with low maintenance and the durability to last for generations! The Meridian has an adjustable hopper so it can slide into most fireplaces. Automatic controls are thermostat compatible in Hi/lo mode or on/off mode.

Meridian Pellet Fireplace Insert with tile and wood surround with a mounted fish on the mantel
Standard Features
– Adjustable Hopper from 22 3/4″ down to 19″ high.
– Hidden heavy-duty heat exchanger.
– Cast iron firebox brick liner.
– Covered, fully automatic controls.
– Hi/Lo thermostat compatible.
– On/Off thermostat compatible.
– Remote control compatible.
– Painted trim and door accents.
– Bay arched door.
– 45,000 BTU’s.
– Standard 300-watt ignitor.Specifications
– 255 lbs in weight.
– 55 lb hopper *(at full height)
– Unit: 22 3/4″ High, 25″ Wide, 25″Deep.
– Standard surround: 30″ high, 40 ” wide.
– Oversize surround: 33″ high, 46″ wide.
– 83% efficient.Options
– Pewter, 24kt gold or antique copper top trim/Louvers.
– Pewter, 24kt gold or antique copper door cover.
– Oversized surround: 33″ high, 46″ wide.

The M55 Cast Iron Pellet Fireplace Insert by Enviro

Name: M55 Cast Iron Pellet Fireplace Insert
Brand: Enviro
Type: Insert
Fuel: Pellet/Corn
With the M55 Cast Iron Pellet Insert, you are able to experience a lengthy cleaning interval, and much longer burning cycle in your home. The advantages by using this product are many.

Meridian Pellet Fireplace Insert with stone surround and hearth basket to the left holding decorations

Standard Features

Multi-fuel compatible.
Cast iron construction.
Operates with cast doors open or closed.
Air wash system for cleaner glass.
O/S Filler Panel – 34″ W x 50″ H
Fresh Air Intake Coupler.
Service rails.
Exhaust Starter Tube.
Log Set.
Available in painted black.



The EF2 Pellet Fireplace Insert by Enviro

Name: EF2 Pellet Fireplace Insert
Brand: Enviro
Type: Insert
Fuel: Pellet/Corn
Efficiently heat your home with the EF2 Pellet Fireplace Insert by Enviro. This product is easy to use, efficient, and ready to assist you with warming your living room today.

Enviro  pellet stove with stone surround and hearth - tools to the left

Standard Features

Firebox brick liner.
Recessed hopper lid handle.
Heavy-duty heat exchanger.
Welded firebox.
Easy-to-use controls.
O/S Surround – 45″ W x 33″ H
(Included) Surround – 40″ W x 30.25″ H
Optional log set.



Harman P35i

Name: P35i
Brand: Harman
Type: Insert
Fuel: Pellet
If you’re looking for an insert that will help you save money, reduce emissions, and enjoy warmth and charm in your small to medium sized living space, the P35i is a great insert for you. Installation is easy with direct vent, the insert comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and you can choose an optional log set and even choose your trim finish.


Pellet stove with beautiful front door hearth and surround are lots of odd shaped rocks

There are plenty of features to love in this EPA certified insert:

 – It achieves high efficiency with its accordion heat exchanger.

– It maintains comfortable room temperatures with exceptional control, using ESP, which is smarter than a thermostat and key to maintaining room temperature.

– It has an air wash system that keeps the glass of the insert clean for a clear, uninterrupted view of the fire.

– It has a 62 lb hopper capacity, meaning you don’t have to refuel so often.

– It has a slide out track system to make it easier to maintain.

– It features mirrored glass for a more crisp fire.

Harman Accentra52i-TC

Name: Accentra52i-TC
Brand: Harman
Type: Insert
Fuel: Pellet
While the Accentra52i-TC pellet insert is easy to operate and features a lot of the same great features as other Harman pellet inserts, what makes this model so popular is that it’s just so low maintenance. In fact, you can expect this insert to need up to 50% less maintenance than any other pellet insert on the market.


Accentra Pellet Stove Insert-Black facing - chair on each side - wooden white surround and mantel

Like the P35i, the Accentra52i-TC features Pellet Pro and ESP technology, as well as mirrored glass, an illuminated glass hopper lid, and the EASY touch control. Installation is fast and simple with direct vent, and the built-in programmable thermostat and 64.5 lb hopper capacity make it easy for you to fire up your insert and just relax. The insert will do the work for you, so kick up your feet and get comfy.

To find out more about our selection of pellet/corn inserts, give us a call or stop by our showroom!

A wood-burning insert can give you more heat with better efficiency. Interested? Ask us about this popular insert choice.