Clifton Park: Find Everything From Fireplaces To Fireplace Accessories At Northeastern Fireplace & Design

While Northeastern Fireplace & Design’s showroom is located in Selkirk, our clients come in from all over the Albany-Schenectady-Troy area, and our technicians regularly head to homes throughout the area, too, to install new fireplace mantels, add brand new gas-burning fireplaces, and more!

We’ve helped many Clifton Park homeowners enjoy the fireplace or stove they’ve always wanted, from finding an appliance that perfectly suits their space and heating needs to installing it (and outfitting it with the owner’s chosen accessories).

Pat & John were awesome! Brenda was great to us as well! Thank you so much!
~Mr. Quinn, Clifton Park, NY

If you live in Clifton Park and have never been to Northeastern Fireplace & Design’s showroom, we’re a little over a half hour’s drive away, and we carry everything from classic-looking wood-burning fireplaces to sleek and modern gas-burning stoves. Stop by and we’ll show you a wide array of options to make your hearth dream a reality!

Thinking About Nature And Our Effect On It In Clifton Park

Over years of traveling to Clifton Park to install new fireplaces and stoves, we’ve gotten the chance to really fall in love with the area’s wealth of nature preserves. There are hundreds and hundreds of acres of natural beauty in Clifton Park, from the North Woods Preserve to the Vischer Ferry Nature and Historic Preserve along the Mohawk River. And for folks who are ecologically-minded — or who just love to hike and bird-watch — that makes Clifton Park a particularly wonderful place to be.

We’ve met a lot of Clifton Park clients who feel similarly, and make a point of considering their effect on the planet in all the decisions they make — including heating.

That’s part of what makes newer fireplaces, stoves and inserts a great buy. Not only are new factory-built appliances designed to be much more efficient zone heaters than the appliances of yesteryear, but the wood, gas, pellet and corn-burning units we carry at Northeastern Fireplace & Design are also designed to conserve fuel and drastically minimize environmental pollutants. A modern wood stove or fireplace insert, for instance, emits 70 percent less pollution, on average, than an older wood stove. Beyond that, you’ll use a third of the fuel to get the same amount of heat.

If energy efficiency and environmental consciousness are important to you, we can recommend some great appliances that will fit into your lifestyle and bring style and beauty to your space, too.

We’re proud to serve Clifton Park at Northeastern Fireplace & Design. If you’ve been looking for a new fireplace or stove – or are shopping for accessories for your current appliance – we have what you need! Stop by our showroom or give us a call at (518) 767-9314.

If you’re a Delmar resident and have been thinking about adding a new hearth appliance to your home, we’d love to help. Find out more about the areas we serve and spread the word about Northeastern Fireplace & Design’s great products and services.