Fireplace Products For Kingston Homeowners

With our showroom situated right in Selkirk, Kingston residents have been friends of Northeastern Fireplace & Design for many years — we’ve been proud to help many homeowners find the perfect hearth appliance for their home and lifestyle, and then head out to Kingston to install it.

Our founder, Joseph Shear, opened Northeastern Fireplace & Design in this area because he saw a need throughout the Albany-Schenectady-Troy area for knowledgeable, experienced chimney services and alternative heating solutions. And through the years, we’ve helped thousands and thousands of neighbors enjoy the fireplace or stove they’ve always wanted. If you’re in Kingston and have been thinking about a new fireplace or stove, we’d love to show you our wide variety of hearth products and help you find the perfect one.

A Perfect Stove, Fireplace Or Insert In Kingston

Kingston is one of those unique communities that offers the best of all worlds when you’re talking about homes. If you’re inspired by historic architecture and buildings with a real story behind them, Kingston is stocked with history — including particularly remarkable pieces of the past in the Uptown Stockade District. On the other end of the spectrum, Kingston delivers beautiful and modern new waterfront condos, too.

Different homes and lifestyles make certain hearth appliances and products make more sense, and it’s our goal, at Northeastern Fireplace & Design, to help guide you toward the ideal choice for you, your home and your family.

Do You Live In An Older Or Historic Home?

Fireplaces are built to withstand decades and decades of use — even thrive through those decades. But older fireplaces in older homes can have their problems or drawbacks. If your fireplace is functionally lacking or looking worse for wear, we can help. A new fireplace insert can take a failing fireplace and bring it new life. A new mantel and fireplace screen can make a remarkable difference in a fireplace that works well but feels lackluster in the looks department. Just let us know what you need!

Are You In A Condominium?

If you’ve always wanted a fireplace, you might be surprised by how accessible new appliances are today. The flexibility of the products we carry at Northeastern Fireplace & Design can make it possible for you to add a truly beautiful fireplace to your home, whether you have a big space and a big budget or a small space and a small budget. If you’re looking to make a big impact and enjoy the convenience of gas, we can install a new pre-fabricated gas fireplace system that fits your space and design. For even more flexibility, we carry electric fireplaces that can be installed anywhere in your home to bring both charm and heat.

Those are just a few of the hearth appliances and accessories we can show you and install in your Kingston home. If you’re looking for hearth products, give Northeastern Fireplace & Design a call at (518) 767-9314!

Latham is an additional one of our service locations where you can rely on Northeastern Fireplace & Design for professional service for all your hearth appliances.