They say variety is the spice of life and at Northeastern Fireplace and Design, we believe that this is true. That’s why we offer a variety of the top brands of fireplaces for our customers. Whether you are in the market for an electric, gas, or wood-burning fireplace, one trip to our showroom and you’ll see why Northeastern Fireplace and Design is the top provider of heating appliances in Albany and the Capital District. If you are looking to add a new fireplace to your home, let us show you all the brands that we have to offer.

Electric fireplace

When adding a new fireplace to your home, one of the first questions you need to ask yourself is what type of fuel would you like to use? There are generally three types of fuels used in fireplaces: electric, gas, and wood. The type of fuel that you use depends on homeowner preferences. All fuel types have their pros and cons, so it’s important to do your research on what type of fuel is the best fit for you. Not all brands create the same quality of fireplace across all fuel types and where some brands excel at make fireplaces for one fuel type, other brands might manufacture higher quality fireplace that burns other fuel types. At Northeastern Fireplace and Design, we do a lot of research to determine which types of brands to offer for the different types of fireplaces. We want to make sure our customers have the selection of only the best fireplaces on the market.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are the least costly, the easiest to install, and the easiest to use out of all the fireplace options available. Electric fireplaces generally cost three to four times cheaper than gas or wood fireplaces. This is because they require little installation help. In fact, to operate an electric fireplace, all you need to do is put it where you want in your home, plug it in, and push a button. In most cases, it is the only fireplace option that doesn’t require professional installation. This is mainly because, unlike gas and wood options, you don’t need to hook it up to a gas line and there is no ventilation installation required. Electric fireplaces are generally cheap to operate as well. There are downsides to electric fireplaces, however. The main reason homeowners shy away from electric fireplaces is because they produce no actual fire. Although a screen in the fireplace can project a real fire, some homeowners prefer a real fire to one that isn’t.

We offer three brands of electric fireplaces: Dimplex, Majestic, and Valor. All three of these brands offer a realistic-looking fire that can be put anywhere in your home. Although we carry a few popular models of Majestic and Valor electric fireplaces, Dimplex makes a wide variety of high-quality fireplaces that are popular with our customers. This high quality and popularity make Dimplex a common brand that we sell.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces offer the conveniences of an electric fireplace, with a more realistic wood fire ambiance. This makes them a popular option for many homeowners. Gas fireplaces run on natural gas or propane, making them relatively cheap to operate. However, they do cost more to purchase and install than their electric counterparts. You can place a gas fireplace anywhere in your home, as long as you can hook them up to a gas line and install ventilation. This usually means that you’ll need a professional to install it for you. Once installed Gas fireplaces can be operated easily by flipping a switch. One downside is that, although they produce a real flame, it doesn’t offer the quiet crackling, soft glow, and earthy aroma associated with a real wood fire that many homeowners desire.

We offer three brands of gas fireplaces: Envirofire, Mendota, and Valor. Envirofire is known for their high-efficiency standards. They offer high quality fireplaces that burn clean and put out a lot of heat. Mendota has been offering high quality gas fireplaces and appliances for over 110 years! With that type of longevity, you know they must make high quality products. We offer a lot of gas Valor fireplace options. That’s because Valor offers a wide variety of design options that can fit any style that you’re looking for. Whether you are looking for elegance, a modern design, or a rustic look, a Valor gas fireplace is for you.

Wood Fireplaces

Wood fireplaces offer an ambiance that is second to none. No other type of fireplace can beat the soft crackle and warm glow of a real wood fire. Because of this, wood fireplaces are a popular choice for many homeowners. Also, if there is an abundance of wood nearby, wood fireplaces can be cheap to operate. Wood fireplaces do not need to be hooked up to anything, so unlike gas and electric fireplaces, wood fireplaces can operate off the grid. One downside of wood fireplaces is that they are relatively more difficult to operate. You need to chop, collect, season, and haul wood to your fireplace to operate it. Once you do this, starting a fire is also more time consuming. Finally, it takes more effort to clean and maintain a wood fireplace.

We offer Renaissance and RSF wood fireplace brands. Renaissance fireplaces are an industry standard that have been heating homes for years. They offer zero clearance technology meaning you can install them anywhere, even in front of your carpet. RSF fireplaces are also a very popular brand. RSF offers many built into the wall options that are elegant and save on space.

You can browse the wide variety of brands that we offer on our website, however, nothing beats coming down to our showroom and seeing them for yourself. You can find our showroom at 1650 US Route 9W Suite 101, Selkirk, NY, 12158. Come visit us and let one of our fireplace experts help you check out all of the options available for you!