Appliances and housewares typically come with product manuals or operation guides, which can vary in size from a two-page pamphlet to a fully indexed booklet. Often, these important documents are overlooked with the packaging and discarded or considered advertising and totally ignored. These manufacturer guides are designed to help you get the most out of your new product, know what to do in something goes wrong, and keep it in good running order for its full intended life cycle. In a nutshell, they are the manufacturer’s attempt to ensure that you’re fully satisfied with your purchase for the longest possible time. Keeping your manuals not only involves filing them for future reference, but reading them when you first take your new purchase home. Keep reading to learn why reading the operating manuals for your new appliances is so crucial!

Fireplace Operating Manual - Albany NY - Northeastern Fireplace

Basic Information

Details regarding warranty limitations and coverage period are good to know, as well as contact information and where your product can be serviced should you encounter problems. It’s a good idea to write the warranty period, date of purchase and serial number of your product right on the front cover of your product manual for easy reference should the need arise. Operating manuals typically contain energy related data as well, which can assist you when replacement time rolls around as well as to assist you with tracking energy consumption costs. It may also include manufacturer recommended settings for best energy efficiency. Your guide will list the parts by name and provide ordering numbers to assist in finding replacements should the need arise. Filter type, size and number is also important information to maintain your product in good working order.

Operating Instructions, Maintenance Guidelines, and Things to Avoid

All too often, we neglect the things our operating manual warns us against neglecting. This may include things to avoid that may reduce the lifespan of your product and invalidate your warranty, or ways to reduce the risk of hazards and injury. How it works, what it does and operational tips and suggestions are helpful. This is especially important for homeowners who switched to a different type of appliance than what they’ve traditionally used and if product operation involves an ordered sequence of steps, which, if not followed, could damage parts or create harmful conditions within your home. Some manuals will also include instructions on controls and settings for unique features and options. What you need to know and do to keep your product operating properly can be found in your operating manual as well. You may find troubleshooting tips, answers to frequently asked questions, maintenance guides and schedules (when to change filters, how to take your product apart for cleaning, and what to use to clean it), and how to prepare it for extended periods of non-use.

Reading operating manuals can put you on the fast track to fully enjoying your new product. Here at Northeastern Fireplace & Design, we carry the largest selection of quality fireplaces, stoves, inserts in the upstate New York area, and we’ll make sure to give you the operating manual for each and every product we install for you! Still have questions? Our team of friendly professionals is here to help! Give us a call at (518) 767-9314 or stop by our showroom today.