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We at Northeastern Fireplace & Design have a wide selection of fireplace inserts to meet your particular needs.

When your fireplace isn’t looking or performing as well as you need and want it to, you have a few different options: You can stop using the fireplace and live with the lackluster look; dig deep into your bank account to have fireplace completely rebuilt; or you can look into a fireplace insert.

If living with it isn’t appealing and a rebuild isn’t really in your budget (financially or time-wise), an insert can be a perfect choice. They’re installed to fit in your current fireplace, but bring all the benefits of a brand new fireplace: a totally renewed look and the peak performance of a new, highly efficient appliance.

Curious about how well an insert might work for you? Here are a few of the biggest advantages that come with an insert:

More Warmth

Even at their peak, older wood fireplaces aren’t ideal zone heaters — you lose a ton of heat up the chimney. Fuel-efficient inserts, however, are designed to be effective zone heaters, so if you’re really looking for heat in addition to ambiance, an insert will be a much better appliance for your home.

Better Fuel Efficiency

If you’ve been using an older wood-burning fireplace, you know that your appliance isn’t the most fuel-efficient thing in the world, between lost heat and wasted fuel. Factory-built inserts, however, are designed to be exceptionally fuel efficient, providing more complete combustion and far less heat loss. You’ll spend less and enjoy more. Newer EPA-certified inserts have been shown to be 50 percent more efficient at utilizing fuel than older stoves and fireplaces, with wood units using a third of the fuel for the same amount of warmth.

Cleaner Air

Wood-burning fireplaces produce gases and particles as byproducts of combustion, and those byproducts have an effect on the air in your home and outside of it. Newer EPA-certified inserts have been shown to produce 70 percent lower levels of particle pollution.

The Option To Change Fuels

Have you been finding it hard to come up with the time to deal with the demands of your wood-burning fireplace? Wood fireplaces are undoubtedly beautiful, but they also require a fair bit of work, from cutting or sourcing and stacking wood to building fires and cleaning ash. Gas fireplaces, however, provide light and heat in seconds with pretty much no hassle. Having a gas insert installed will allow you to switch to gas and enjoy a fresh look, fresh efficiency and the convenience that comes with that fuel. Northeastern Fireplace & Design doesn’t just stick to wood and gas, though — we can also talk with you about pellet or corn inserts, which offer a lot of the charm of wood with a lot more convenience.

The Ability To Reimagine The Aesthetics Of Your Space

Fireplaces make such a big impact in a space — and being such a focal point, if you have a run-down fireplace or one that just doesn’t fit your tastes or the rest of your space at all, it can be a real downer. Having an insert installed gives you the chance to totally reinvent your fireplace’s look. At Northeastern, we carry inserts that look classic and cozy, modern and clean and pretty much anything in between. Talk with us about what kind of aesthetic you’re looking to bring to your space, and we’ll show you a variety of inserts that fit the bill!

We’d love to help you enjoy your fireplace again. If you’re thinking about an insert, we can help you find the perfect one – give Northeastern Fireplace & Design a call!