Are you thinking of installing a fireplace in your home? Or, maybe you are thinking that it’s time to update your old fireplace by installing a fireplace insert. If you are, you are probably realizing that there are a lot of different design and fuel options. Determining the best fuel for your fireplace is based on a number of preferences including ease of use, fuel availability, and aesthetic. Although there are a lot of fuel types available, the three most common are electric, gas, and wood. All three of these fuels have their strong and weak points. At Northeastern Fireplace & Design, we want to help you decide which fuel option is best for you.


Electric fireplaces are great for the person that wants something that is safe, quick, and easy to use. They are very easy to use and need only a flick of a switch to be turned on. Also, because there is no real fire, maintenance is very easy as well. Installation of electric fireplaces are easy because they only require access to electricity. However, since the flames of an electric fireplace are usually just lights or a screen, the aesthetics aren’t nearly as good as other fuels that create real fire.


Gas fireplaces are kind of the middle ground between electric and wood fireplaces. Like electric fireplaces, they are easy to operate and can usually be turned on with the flip of a switch. However, like a wood fireplace, they produce a real flame, which is aesthetically pleasing to most people. They are also relatively easy to maintain, although they do produce some creosote and should be inspected annually by a CSIA-certified chimney technician.


Wood fireplaces are the classic type of fireplace. They have been used as a fireplace fuel for centuries. Wood fireplaces can be very cheap to operate if you live close to or have access to cheap wood. However, wood fireplaces do need more maintenance because they do produce relatively more creosote. They also require more work when you consider that you have to bring wood in, build a fire, and keep adding fuel manually. Although wood fireplaces take the most work to operate, many people believe the soft glow and the gentle crackling of a real wood fire are impossible to beat.

We Have Them All!

At Northeastern Fireplace and Design, we have a wide assortment of fireplaces which use a variety of different fuels. If you are having trouble deciding which fireplace is the best fit for you, please come to our showroom today. Or, feel free to contact one of our fireplace specialist at 518-767-9314 today to discuss your fireplace needs.