“And more!” Ever wonder what that means when you see or hear it in an ad? Quite simply, it depends on who is saying it, right? At Northeastern Fireplace & Design, “and more” has to be seen to be fully understood. Come to our showroom to experience for yourself the “and more” we offer. Right now, we have exciting showroom specials.EPA approved Wood Stove Image - Albany NY - Northeastern Fireplace & Design

Many folks like to do their research online and then do the actual shopping in person. And that makes sense to us. It makes “sense” because you get to use your senses. You get to see, feel, hear, taste, smell, and touch our products. Oops! No one is going to taste a cast-iron stove or a wood-burning fireplace. Ewww. (Picture the kid whose tongue freezes on metal in “The Christmas Story”!) But think about it for a second. It is true you want to run your hands along the enamel finish of a cookstove, or feel the thickness of the glass doors. Perhaps you enjoy the smell and crackling sound of firewood burning. Don’t we all? Visiting the Northeastern Fireplace & Design showroom in Selkirk, New York, affords you more sensual pleasures than merely viewing items on a mobile device or laptop. Agree?

The Northeastern Fireplace & Design showroom has a cornucopia of products to see and examine. Whether it’s a fireplace or stove or an insert, see what we have. Displays change, so if you haven’t been here in a while, come back again. Besides, we’re friendly and enjoy the company. It’s no fun for us if we just have to talk to each other. Make our day, say hi. Let’s begin a conversation.

What can we converse about? Maybe it’s a white Enviro Empress 35,000 BTU fireplace with tri-mode thermostat. Or perhaps this will catch your viewing fancy in our showroom: on clearance a Shelburne wood-burning fireplace with diamond-black enamel finish. Run your hands over that! It has a brick-lined firebox and ceramic top baffle for your viewing pleasure.

Northeastern Fireplace & Design also has lots of accessories and inserts, which can be either aesthetic or functional, or both. Maybe you’ve been wanting to buy a mantel or fireplace grate or hood; maybe a fireplace screen, a hearth pad or a rug.

Come on in and see us! Whether it’s a functional or decorative item for your fireplace, we have an abundance of fireplace-related specialties for your home.

Northeastern Fireplace & Design offers diverse buying choices. We offer high-efficiency, clean-burning, EPA-approved fireplaces from leading name-brand manufacturers. We sell wood-burning, pellet-burning, propane/gas or electric fireplaces with terrific heat output. And bear this in mind: even if you already have a fireplace, today’s improvements can increase your heat production and efficiency. Our line of inserts gives you all kinds of added flexibility.

Take the pleasant drive to Selkirk, New York. Walk through the welcome doors of our showroom to see the fine assortment of fireplaces, hearths, inserts and accessories. Questions? Give us a call at (518) 767-9314. We’ll answer as honestly and as quickly as we can.