Alternative heating sources have been gaining popularity the past 25 years. This is because fireplaces, inserts, and stoves have become a very efficient heat source. Heating appliances now come with lots of fuel options. One fuel that is commonly used is wood. Many people enjoy the ambiance and charm associated with wood fires, but the amount of labor and maintenance involved with owning a wood burning appliance is such a pain.

However, there are other fuel options available that also allow you to enjoy a fire, without all the efforts of having a wood burning appliance. At Northeastern Fireplace and Design, we have a variety of gas appliances available to choose from. Whether you are looking to own a fireplace, insert, or stove, we know that you’ll be happy with what we have to offer.

Why Gas?

gas insert There are a few reasons why many homeowners are choosing gas appliances. First, they are relatively easy to operate compared to wood-burning appliances. Operating a gas appliance usually consists of turning on a switch. Since natural gas is clean burning, gas appliances produce very small amounts of creosote, a fraction of a wood or coal burning appliance would produce. Because of this, gas appliances are easier to maintain and there is less cleaning associated with it. Gas burning appliances also produce zero ash so there is no cleanup after each use.

Appliances That We Offer

At Northeastern Fireplace and Design, we offer a wide range of gas appliances in a variety of styles and designs. We offer fireplaces, inserts, and stoves to fit your specific need and home.

  • Gas Fireplaces – It’s hard to beat the look and feel of a traditional fireplace. Gas fireplaces are especially convenient. Unlike a masonry fireplace, they are versatile in regards to placement in your home, and they are more efficient too.
  • Gas Inserts – A fireplace insert is a gas appliance that is inserted into an existing open-hearth fireplace, replacing your old firebox. This is a convenient option for people who want to convert their wood burning fireplace into a gas one.
  • Gas Stoves – Gas stoves are efficient, and they are wonderful heat producers. If you are looking for an appliance that can supplement your home’s heating, a gas stove is the perfect choice for you.

No matter what you are looking for, we’ve got you covered. Call the experts at Northeastern Fireplace and Design today at (518) 767-9314 or come visit our showroom to determine which appliance is best for you!