A calendar is a piece of paper, or these days it’s a screen on a digital device. But the months of May, June or July can be thought of as automatic invitations for fireplace or stove care and maintenance. It’s a natural time for these chores because of the obvious reason that you are not using your stove or fireplace as much during those months.

Fireplace Hearth Care - Albany NY - Northeastern Fireplace & ChimneyWe at Northeastern Fireplace & Design are not calendar mavens, but we do know fireplaces and stoves. And the place to start is a baseline of current conditions. You will want to know the condition of your fireplace or stove after a long winter of hard work to give you efficient heat and cozy comfort.

First, did Santa Claus or one of his elves or reindeer get caught in your chimney? Granted, that’s a pretty obvious and doable inspection. But get some professional help anyway. We recommend that you enlist the services of professional technicians from our sister company to see if the chimney system that vents your fireplace or stove needs a cleaning and what needs to be replaced or repaired.

Naturally, these spring and summer months would wisely be spent on some type of cleaning of your hearth, fireplace or stove. During the months of October through April, give or take, your fireplace or stove was used frequently, nearly every day during some stretches. And by “was used” we mean it burned something. It served as a combustion device. As you know from eighth-grade science, combustion yields by-products. That’s just part of the process. Some amount of creosote, soot, dust, dirt and ash are going to be left in your fireplace or stove, no matter how efficient the brand or design — and no matter how fastidious you have been over the winter.

Let the pros at Northeastern Fireplace & Design be your spring or summer fireplace or wood stove specialists. You should use this period to have your fireplace or stove inspected for repairs and cleaned for the sake of efficiency and environmental upkeep. A professional, thorough cleaning maintains or improves the useful life of your fireplace or stove. Sign us up to inspect, clean and repair, as needed, your fireplace or stove and the chimney that exhausts your burning. We will remove soot from glass, empty ash from the firebox or stove and properly dispose of it, and remove, inspect and clean grates, burn plates, gaskets, fittings and all other appurtenances.

Northeastern Fireplace & Design technicians are trained professionals. Our experts are experienced in the proper care and maintenance of the nationally known brands of fireplaces, hearths and stoves we sell. With 17,000 customers and counting, we are the premier fireplace and stove resource in the Capital District, western Massachusetts, eastern New York and immediate surrounding areas.

Feel free to contact us during these spring and summer months. As we just said, there’s work to be done, even when the fires are not burning. Let us make those chores easier.