Wood stoves are combustion devices. Combustion inevitably creates by-products, no matter how clean and efficient the combustion process is. It can’t be avoided. What are some of the combustion remnants produced by the operation of a wood stove? Gases, particulate matter, creosote, soot and ash. Spring Cleaning for Your Wood Stove Image - Albany NY- Northeastern Fireplace & Design

Have the experts at Northeastern Fireplace & Design get their fingernails dirty by a thorough spring cleaning of your wood stove. (Actually, wearing work gloves keeps our fingernails relatively clean.) Spring is a sensible and convenient time to have your wood burning stove inspected and cleaned. For one thing, as the weather warms, you won’t be using your wood stove as frequently as you did during the winter. You can clean your wood burning stove and not sacrifice downtime for your appliance. Now is a practical and efficient time to do what has to be done anyway at some point. So, don’t delay.

Why is cleaning your wood stove important?

Cleaning your wood stove maintains or improves efficiency, reduces air pollution and prolongs the useful life of your appliance. It also helps to maintain healthy indoor and outdoor air quality.

What does cleaning a wood stove involve?

Several steps are taken. A thorough cleaning takes care of your stove and the chimney that exhausts your stove. We remove soot from the stove glass. At Northeastern Fireplace & Design we typically empty any remaining ash. We also can remove, inspect and clean wood stove grates, burn plates, gaskets and fittings. Your chimney is swept of creosote and any other combustion residue. After a winter workout, your wood burning stove and all its appurtenances need to be evaluated for soot or creosote buildup, and cleaned accordingly.

Why choose Northeastern Fireplace & Design?

Northeastern Fireplace & Design professionals are trained and certified. They comply with nationally recognized standards and practices. In short, we are experts in the proper care and maintenance of wood burning stoves. We sell nationally recognized brands of wood stoves, and we gladly stand by these excellent products.Over the course of our years as local leaders in the hearth and fireplace industry, we have satisfied more than 17,000 customers in the Capital District, western Massachusetts, eastern New York and beyond. Our staff is both friendly and knowledgeable in technical matters pertaining to stoves, hearths, fireplaces and accessories. Our showroom is filled with a vast variety of product options to both catch your attention and educate your consumer decision making. We dare say we offer an engaging place to visit. Your friends and neighbors at Northeastern Fireplace & Design cordially invite you to stop and see us at 1650 US Route 9W Suite 101 in Selkirk, New York. Contact us online or call us at (518) 767-9314. Most important of all, we recognize the importance of maintaining a sterling reputation through quality service — for wood burning stoves and everything else we sell and service.