Signs of carbon monoxide intrusion — and ways to prevent it Image - Albany NY - Northeastern Fireplace & DesignCarbon monoxide, or CO, is odorless and colorless — and potentially deadly. That makes it a silent and stealthy threat. Despite being odorless and colorless, CO is detectable. CO monitors in homes offer some protection from the health risks associated with carbon monoxide poisoning. But you really want to prevent that CO monitor from ever going off in the first place. It’s important to know the source of any CO intrusions, and fix that problem. Northeastern Fireplace & Design can help with that.

Sources of fuel combustion pose a threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. CO is a normal by-product of combustion, whether it’s from a fireplace, a stove, an oven, a hearth or a furnace. The use of either central heating or a space heater can bring a health threat from CO. To pose a health risk, carbon monoxide can either escape from your heating appliance or not be vented properly.

Where does Northeastern Fireplace & Design fit into this conversation? Well, we’re certainly not medical experts, but we sure know heating appliances. We are experts when it comes to fireplaces and hearths. We can help you stay safe and healthy in your home as you enjoy the benefits of firewood or gas heating.

Incidentally, exposure to CO can induce symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, headache, nausea or irregular breathing. Again, we are not healthcare providers, but we suggest people be alert to these human warning signs.

As for carbon monoxide and sources in the home, we target several possible culprits, gas appliances being one of them. Gas appliances are good sources of heating, but you should have your appliance routinely checked and maintained by Northeastern Fireplace & Design. We will check to ensure that fittings are secure and that venting is taking place as it should.

We can help you go a step further to discover other possible sources of CO. Our associates at Northeastern Masonry & Chimney can inspect your chimney system to make sure that components such as the flue, the damper and chimney lining are all in good working order. They can verify that your venting system is free of any obstructions that would prevent CO from being properly emitted to the outdoors.

Northeastern Fireplace & Design technicians get rigorous training and stay abreast of regulatory guidance and standards. Our pros are certified by the National Fireplace Institute. Thousands of satisfied customers throughout the Capital District, western Massachusetts, eastern New York and beyond testify to the quality of the service we deliver. We have 35+ years of superior service throughout the region. Why not add your name to a growing list of satisfied customers?

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