If you’re from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, you probably know that Herman Melville wrote Moby-Dick while at Arrowhead, on Holmes Road, in Pittsfield. During the dozen or so years he lived in Pittsfield, Melville wrote the great American classic Moby-Dick and other works. It’s not hard to picture him toiling away by candlelight by a fireplace. Although Northeastern Fireplace & Design cannot promise we will nurture another generation of Melvilles, who knows? Many aspiring writers love the mood and atmosphere created by a fireplace. Who can predict what that will inspire?Pittsfield’s go-to source for fireplaces, stoves, inserts and accessories Image. - Pittsfield MA - Northeastern Fireplace and Design

For those of us in Pittsfield who might not be writers (and for those who are), we don’t have to be that fancy in our aspirations or inspirations. Northeastern Fireplace & Design is grounded in everyday functionality of heating options for your home. And that’s fact, not fiction.

Some of today’s fireplaces are not radically different from those Melville was warmed by in Pittsfield back in the 1800s. A good old-fashioned fireplace that uses properly cured hardwood is still a solid choice and we can help you with that. However, technology has brought fireplaces a long ways. Today’s fireplaces and accompanying accessories give options for Pittsfield people that no one had years before.

A visit to our showroom will allow you to see first-hand the improvements in our industry. Northeastern Fireplace & Design is a short, scenic drive away, some 40 miles. And we have showroom specials that expire January 31, so warm your engines, please!

You might say “Variety” is our middle name. Whether it’s a matter of function or aesthetics, we have a rich catalog of fireplace-related specialties for your home.Pittsfield’s go-to source for fireplaces, stoves, inserts and accessories Image. - Pittsfield Massachusetts - Northeastern Fireplace & Design

If you want to continue using wood in your fireplace just as Melville did in Pittsfield, you should know that today’s wood-burning fireplaces are superior in efficiency, heat output, and eco-friendliness.

But if you go modern, Northeastern Fireplace & Design offers great alternatives. We have diverse selections of high-efficiency, clean-burning, EPA-approved fireplaces from leading manufacturers. For example, we sell electric fireplaces with good heat output. They can go almost anywhere in your home, and they don’t give off emissions from combustion. Plus, homeowners with electric fireplaces don’t have to worry about loading wood or pellets, or starting and maintaining a fire.

Many of our customers prefer a gas/propane fireplace. As with electric fireplaces, gas or propane fireplaces don’t require stacking wood. And you don’t have to worry about ash cleanup. An added convenience is that you can control the heat output and flame, which takes more work with a wood-burning fireplace.

Northeastern Fireplace & Design has lots of accessories and inserts, both aesthetic and functional. You might be considering anything from a mantel or fireplace grate or hood to a screen, a hearth pad or a rug – and more!

Take the short drive to Selkirk, New York. Come to our showroom to see the dazzling display of fireplaces, hearths, inserts and accessories we love to share with visitors.

Call us today at (518) 767-9314. But you don’t have to call us Ishmael (hint: that’s the famous opening line of Moby-Dick).