Pellet Stove Prep for Fall - Albany NY - NortheasternDrive around in September in Upstate New York and you begin to see picturesque piles of neatly arranged firewood for the coming winter. No, you are not likely to spy backyard pyramids of pellets or corn for pellet stoves. But while others are chopping and storing wood, what can you do for your pellet or corn stove? Obviously, you’re not going to arrange or polish your winter fuel supply. All is not lost! You can perform routine or timely maintenance on your EPA-certified pellet or corn stove. And your safest, most efficient and most reliable option for maintenance is by enlisting the services of experienced and certified professionals from Northeastern Fireplace & Design.

Low-Maintenance Does Not Equal NO Maintenance

Although eco-conscious pellet-burning stoves typically require less maintenance than other heat-generating sources, they still need routine care, monitoring and upkeep. Have it done right. Northeastern Fireplace & Design pros not only have the expertise for a thorough annual cleaning; they also have the right pellet stove technical knowledge and proper cleaning equipment, such as an ash vacuum. Being intimately familiar with our product standards and specifications enables us to provide premium pellet stove maintenance.

Top-Notch Training Yields Professional Quality

At Northeastern Fireplace & Design, we are proud of the rigorous standards of excellence we require of the professionals who serve you. Even though routine maintenance of your pellet stove might seem straightforward and uncomplicated, we take it seriously. We understand the implications — for your stove, for the environment and for your wallet. Let Pellet Specialist or similarly qualified specialist inspect, repair or clean your pellet or corn stove today — before you have it running full-time to keep your family warm and cozy. Industry-leading National Fireplace Institute® certifications demonstrate superior technical knowledge and training. For that reason, Northeastern Fireplace & Design takes pride in putting specialists on your job. Our technically savvy staff is conversant with appropriate code requirements and manufacturer’s instructions regarding the proper care and maintenance of your pellet or corn stove — whether you bought it from us or not. Call one of our experts today.

Eco-Friendly Efficiency

Northeastern Fireplace & Design respects our fragile environment. When we clean your pellet stove, we take care to dispose of waste products in an eco-friendly manner. As industry leaders with more than 35 years of successful service in Albany, Columbia, Hudson and Greene counties — and beyond, we are pleased to consider succeeding generations as we perform our work.

Your Neighbors — Your Pros

Northeastern Fireplace & Design is the Capital Region’s trusted source for all your fireplace and hearth service and equipment, including eco-friendly pellet and corn stoves. We cordially invite you to meet our friendly and knowledgeable staff at our Selkirk, NY showroom or call us at (518) 767-9314.