October Fireplace Image - Albany NY - Northeastern FireplaceOctober brings to mind many familiar sights and sounds: showers of falling leaves, squirrels collecting acorns, Friday-night football contests, ghosts and goblins — and the welcome warmth and atmosphere of a fireplace or hearth. With that in mind, the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, or HPBA, has declared October as National Fireplace Month.

Northeastern Fireplace & Design is glad to join in and use the occasion to put safety first for all of our former, current, and prospective customers. It’s also a chance for us to celebrate the virtues of fireplace living, and the efficiency and comfort it brings to our homes.

HPBA is smartly using its Fire It Up for Fall campaign to educate and encourage fireplace preparedness. #FireItUp is the hashtag to look for if you’re on Twitter.

What does this mean in everyday, practical terms? What sorts of safety preparedness are we talking about?

One aspect of fireplace safety is something you hear from Northeastern Fireplace & Design time and time again: a little preventive maintenance goes a long way. For example, assuring that your wood-burning fireplace has a properly working chimney is huge when it comes to Firing It Up for Fall. A chimney that is free of obstruction, and that vents the exhaust smoke fully and properly is a big deal. How do you gain confidence regarding your chimney’s condition? You have a professional inspect it. We it all the time, and it’s true.

Similarly, if you have a gas-fueled fireplace you’ll want your gas lines inspected by a professional and your burner properly cleaned.

Come to Northeastern Fireplace & Design for these critical services. More accurately, have Northeastern Fireplace & Design come to you.

Statistics show that homeowners prize the coziness a fireplace evokes. A family huddled around a fireplace presents a picture-perfect tableau. And there are lots of ways to create the conditions for that idyllic scene. Whether it’s a wood-burning appliance, a pellet stove, a gas insert, or some other configuration, a fireplace can add atmosphere, warmth, and camaraderie.

We’ve got lots of ways for you to go. Explore with us the possibilities for enhancing your family room experience. Our showroom specials highlight exciting choices that also yield significant cost savings.

We can help you make memories where your family gathers.

For decades now, Northeastern Fireplace & Design has capably and reliably served thousands of customers throughout the Capital District, western Massachusetts, eastern New York and beyond. We have 35+ years of making customers happy throughout the region. Contact us directly to learn more. Call us today at (518) 767-9314 to learn more.

There’s no better time than now to Fire It Up for Fall – not just because the autumnal equinox has occurred. It’s the season for crackling logs, real or real-looking flames, and fireside chats. It’s the time for welcome warmth and comfortable togetherness. And calling October National Fireplace Month is just the tip of the iceberg – oops, tip of the flame. #FireItUp