Fire“place” is an appropriate name for the iconic installation that makes a house cozy in deep winter night. From its traditional spot in the living room, it creates a warm glow of peace and relaxation all over a home’s family and guests. However, one night’s worth of much-needed warmth is the equivalent of many hours of preparation, maintenance, and cleaning, all throughout the year.

Enter the fire“box” of today – a fireplace insert has now become an option to be the guts of modern fireplace installations. This technology is an appliance that fits into the hearth of your fireplace, and is where the actual fire is located and tended. The US Environmental Protection Agency advocates the proper installation of fireplace inserts for their maximum efficiency and pollution cut.

What is a Fireplace Insert?Fireplace Inserts - Albany NY - Northeastern Fireplace

Fireplace inserts are – you guessed it – inserted into a fireplace hearth, and meant to be used like a regular fireplace. They take the place of the brick and mortar fireplace and chimney, and serve as the container where you burn your chosen fuel and create the crackling fire and comfortable warmth in your home. These inserts are made of strong, fireproof metals, which trap the heat to make it stronger and create a cleaner burn. The glass front is provided for your viewing pleasure. Several features are engineered to help maintain the fire and its subsequent byproducts inside.

Kinds of Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts are classified according to the materials used to create combustion.

  • Wood Fireplace Inserts work just as a regular fireplace would. If you love the traditional look and aesthetic of chopped wood and a crackling flame over logs, this insert will retain the experience, but will prove lighter load on your end with better burning efficiency and maintenance.
  • Gas and Propane Fireplace Inserts use gasoline to start and maintain a fire. Gas is much easier to attain and store. The hassle of cutting or buying wood is eliminated.
  • Pellet and Corn Fireplace Inserts are more advanced in that the use of pellets made of refuse, like wood-shavings and corn, as the burning resource. This is an eco-friendly option as it recycles and repurposes waste materials, lessening your garbage while maintaining your fireplace.

Should I Get a Fireplace Insert?

You should think about a fireplace insert if the following considerations are very important to you:

  • Easier Maintenance. The aftermath of a pleasurable night by the fireplace is a mess of ashes. Since the fire sits within the box, all the refuse in also inside and makes cleaning up easier.
  • Portability. Since the insert is simply a box, it can be made to fit any hearth. Some models may even be transferred from one location that needs heat, to another.
  • Eco-friendliness. Gone are the days of frantically adding wood unsystematically to get you ideal temperature. You have more control of your burning resources, which leads to lest wastage, making the insert good for your home and for the environment.

This win-win invention was designed with the past, present, and future consumer in mind. If you’ve found that you would now like to own a great fireplace insert for your home, contact Northeastern Fireplace and Design – start warming up your home, the right way, right now!