A wood stove provides practical benefits: heat and warmth when cold temperatures demand an energy response. Aside from these practical dividends wood stoves also deliver atmosphere. Think of the comforting glow and charming crackle of a fire that a wood stove brings to your living room.
Wood stoves offered by Northeastern Fireplace & Design evoke aesthetic and emotional features that can give your home a face lift.

(We interrupt this blog post for a semantic clarification: Ever notice that wood stoves are not really wood? Oh, some decorative features, such as a handle, might be made of wood, but the stove is not wooden where the fire burns. Whenever we say “wood stoves” that’s the same as saying “wood-burning stoves.” We knew you knew that. Now back to the blog.)

Give your home a new look with a new wood stove - Albany NY - Northeastern Fireplace & Design
A wood stove can show artful elegance and style while serving your home with great efficiency. Many owners report that a wood stove conveys feelings of comfort and nostalgia like no other heating appliance.

How is that so? For one thing, the traditional cast iron design declares itself as a classic vintage element in your home. It’s as if you’re part of a vintage photograph in sepia tones. After all, what does cast iron say to your family and guests? The cast iron of a wood stove speaks in accents of sturdiness, durability, quality, assurance, reliability and solidity.

Combine this with a pop of color or other materials, such as ceramic, glass, steel, or chrome, and you have a sleek modern look. Imagine, if you will, your cast iron wood-burning stove with a painted, gold or nickel finish. The possibilities are rich when it comes to upgrading and enhancing the aura of your private living space.

You can also radically pivot from the traditional to the contemporary. Now we are suggesting that you consider the soft texture and sustained warmth of natural soapstone. The pleasing cylindrical shape of this style of wood stove, which can rotate and can be locked in 13 different positions, casts a minimalist and modern mood. This design extends its invitation throughout your living space. Its curved glass window provides visual passage to a spectacle of cyclonic fire.

So, aside from all the practical benefits of your wood stove, the visual décor it provides give you a chance to redefine or reinvent your living space. The style you choose enables you to refresh a tired look. With a design statement in the cozy comfort of your home, you can add value above and beyond the mere cost of your heating appliance.

The professionals at Northeastern Fireplace & Design are eager to share wood stove design scenarios with you. We enjoy the sort of conversation that begins with a question such as, “How do you think this would look in my home?”

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