Owning a fireplace or stove can be rewarding. Nothing beats gathering with family around the glowing warmth of a fire on a cold winter night. However, constructing a new masonry fireplace or rebuilding an existing non-functional fireplace takes a lot of time, effort, and money. That’s where we at Northeastern Fireplace & Design come in. We offer a wide variety of hearth appliances that can either bring new life to an existing fireplace, or be installed almost anywhere you would like in your home.


At Northeastern Fireplace & Design, we offer a wide variety of prefabricated fireplaces for you to choose from. Prefabricated fireplaces are smaller, and easier to install than a traditional open hearth fireplace. This means that they are cheaper to install than an open hearth fireplace and there are a lot more options available when it comes to placement within your home. Many people like prefabricated fireplaces because they mimic the ambiance of a traditional open hearth fireplace all while offering a variety of fuel choices. Whether you want a real wood burning fireplace, or are looking for a more energy and cost efficient gas or electric fireplace, we have a wide variety of fireplace designs for you to choose from.


A heating appliance that is really gaining popularity is stoves. A heating stove is a stand-alone appliance, meaning that home placement options are numerous. One of the reasons stoves are so popular is because most stove models are EPA-certified, meaning they have higher heating efficiency than most other heating systems. This is especially true for wood stoves which have a secondary combustion chamber, allowing for longer and hotter fires.


Do you have an existing fireplace that is getting old or doesn’t function correctly? Older fireplaces may have that rustic look that you want, but oftentimes, they aren’t efficient and can be a hassle to maintain. However, you can bring new life to your fireplace. At Northeastern Fireplace & Design we offer a variety of fireplace inserts. An insert is an appliance that is installed inside the firebox of an already existing fireplace, replacing the old firebox. Fireplace inserts are constructed with a steel shell that is designed to direct more heat into your living area, instead of up and out of your chimney. This makes it a more efficient option than an open-hearth fireplace. Inserts also can burn a variety of fuels including gas, pellets or wood.

Installing a new appliance can be tricky. There are a lot of clearance and other safety regulations that need to be followed when installing a home heating appliance. That is why you should always leave a new appliance installation to a qualified chimney and fireplace technician. Our technicians have all been certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), meaning that they have been specifically trained to safely install these sort of appliances. If you are in the market for a new heating appliance, give Northeastern Fireplace & Design a call today at (518) 767-9314 or contact us online to set up an appointment with one of our fireplace experts today. You’ll be glad you did!