The warmth and ambiance that a fireplace creates in your home is second to none. Nothing compares to sitting around a toasty fire with loved ones on a chilly winter night. However, if you have an older fireplace, you may be beginning to realize that the effort that you put into operating and maintaining your fireplace is hard to justify. Plus, if you own an open hearth fireplace, your fires probably aren’t going to be an efficient heat source. If you have an older fireplace that is costly to maintain or isn’t functioning, at Northeastern Fireplace & Design we have a wide variety of fireplace inserts for you to choose from. Inserts- Cost Effective & Convenient - Albany NY - Northeastern Fireplace

What is an insert?

A fireplace insert is a heating appliance that can be inserted into the firebox of your current open-hearth fireplace. The insert basically takes the place of your old firebox but, unlike your open hearth fireplace, you can choose which type of fuel you would like to burn- whether it’s wood, gas or compressed wood pellets. Furthermore, an insert consists of a steel shell that directs heat into the living areas, instead of up and out of your chimney like an open hearth system would do.

Inserts have been gaining popularity over the past couple of decades because they allow you to put your old fireplace to use again and they are easy to use. However, one of the greatest benefits that comes from owning an insert is its heating efficiency. This is because inserts are basically constructed to be an insulated, airtight, firebox. Where an open hearth fireplace draws air from your home, heats it up before sending it out the chimney, an insert holds heat in and directs it back into the home. In fact, where most open hearth systems are only 5 to 10 percent efficient, most inserts can achieve near 80 percent efficiency. If efficiency is important to you, you’ll love what an insert has to offer.

Fuel Options

When it comes to inserts, one of the most common questions we get asked is about the types of fuel that it uses. Inserts are great because they come with a number of different fuel options. Gas and propane fuels are a popular choice because they burn clean, meaning they create less creosote buildup and are easier to maintain. Operating gas and propane inserts is also easy and usually only requires flipping a switch. Are you looking for a more authentic looking fire? If so you may want a wood burning insert. Wood burning inserts look and operate similarly to an open hearth fireplace, however they are designed to burn wood hotter and slower, meaning they are a lot more efficient. Other common fuel types available include wood pellet and corn burning options.

We here at Northeastern Fireplace and Design want to bring new life to your fireplace. If you have any questions about what type of insert is right for you, give us a call at (518)-767-9314 or stop by our showroom and check them out in person today!