Fire Safety Information Image - Albany NY - Northeastern Fireplace & DesignTruth be told, fire safety tips are fire safety tips. Whether the season is fall, winter, spring or summer, certain practices and habits are safer than others. Since fireplace usage is rare in summer, we default to seasonal needs. So, let’s talk about fire safety tips for the fall — knowing full well that fire safety is always in season to some degree.

Consider this: WET PAINT. That might throw you off a bit, but bear with us. We have a point to make. Have you ever felt an irresistible urge to touch a surface despite a sign warning of wet paint? Of course you have. The warning for many of us merely tempts us to ignore the warning.

What if your fireplace had this warning: CAUTION: HOT SURFACE? Would you obey it? What about children who can’t read? Or pets?

The point is Northeastern Fireplace & Design wants you to respect the danger that hot surfaces pose, from fireplaces and all their appurtenances.

What can you as a homeowner do to lower risks and add protection related to fireplace and stove glass safety? At Northeastern Fireplace & Design, our informed and trained professionals can help.

Fireplace and stove glass safety are two areas of fire-safety concern. As with all safety, risk prevention and safe practice depend to a significant extent on human intervention. Consequently, you will want to be careful that young children don’t touch the heated glass. Adults will want to supervise and monitor young ones at all times. Beyond that, a few accessories can add a layer of safety and protection for all.

As recommended by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, or HPBA, free-standing or attached safety screens or gates provide a barrier making it harder for anyone, adult or child, to accidentally touch a hot surface.

Let Northeastern Fireplace & Design be your reliable resource in suggesting methods and equipment to protect you and your loved ones from hot fireplace or stove glass.

Another major safety issue is creosote buildup in your chimney. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends that open masonry fireplaces should be cleaned at 1/4″ of sooty buildup. They say clean your chimney sooner if glaze is present in the system. Creosote buildup is a serious fire safety issue. Have our CSIA-certified technicians inspect your chimney for creosote buildup. This is a fireplace safety issue that addresses entirely preventable risks.

Northeastern Fireplace & Design pros have the skills and training to apply National Fire Protection Association standards and recommendations, as well as all other applicable fire safety measures.

Every home is different, and every home has its own idiosyncrasies regarding fire safety. Fire safety is always a topic we are willing to talk about. We invite you, as always, to stop by our showroom in Selkirk, NY to talk fire safety or call us at (518) 767-9314. You’ve heard the expression “Safety First.” We would even say safety is second and third, too.