We all know you can’t see electricity, but you can experience its benefits. One of the miracles, if you will, of modern technology is the electric fireplace. Imagine encountering the term at the dawn of its invention. Electric fireplace. What’s that? It sounds like science fiction, not just an oxymoron.

Get the Jump - Selkirk NY - Northeastern FireplaceWhat exactly is an electric fireplace – and why are we talking about them during the season of electric storms? An electric fireplace is an appliance with metal coils inside that heat up when the device is plugged into an ordinary electrical socket. A fan inside the appliance pushes heat out into your room. The source of heat is electricity from the power grid.

Why talk about electric fireplaces now? Northeastern Fireplace & Design wants to help you with your pre-purchase homework and research, so you can buy the right electric fireplace before the winter rush.

Electric fireplaces aren’t merely functional. Yes, they provide heat without the disadvantages of a wood- or pellet-burning fireplace (such as purchasing firewood, carrying it into the fireplace, combustion emissions, creosote buildup). The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) rates electric fireplaces as having 99% efficiency Beyond being a source of warmth, electric fireplaces also present a realistic, virtual-reality tableaux similar to the look of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. You might say an electric fireplace offers the best of both worlds: environmentally friendly, clean heat from a fireplace and charm and coziness from the fireplace’s aesthetics.

The visual display of an electric fireplace actually might make you feel warmer. Don’t belittle the benefits of this appliance’s ambiance! One study suggests that watching a flickering fireplace is relaxing enough to lower one’s blood pressure!

An electric fireplace is as convenient as plugging your toaster into the wall — and, no, we emphatically do not recommend using 37 toasters to heat your room. Not safe and not pretty.

Northeastern Fireplace & Design has a fine selection of high-quality electric fireplaces from leading national manufacturers.

Why not get the jump on winter by getting your electric fireplace now?

Since electric fireplaces are installed with the insertion of a plug into the wall, you can use them in many ways in different rooms of your house. Try one in your entertainment room, or in your master bedroom. With an electric fireplace, you can add ambiance and warmth to just about any room without doing any demolition work or expensive construction or renovation. And with an electric fireplace, you don’t need a chimney!

Northeastern Fireplace & Design gives you lots of choices to consider among our superior products. Tell us which room you want the fireplace in, and we can begin a conversation. Whether you want a decorative warm oak, cherry, walnut or bronze finish with fine carving details or something else, we have beautiful choices for you to consider.

Go electric. It’s efficient, safe, clean and convenient. Drive your car — even an electric car — to our showroom in Selkirk, NY today to browse our electric fireplaces or call us at (518) 767-9314 to learn more.