There are many reasons homeowners prefer gas fireplaces over wood fireplaces. The benefits of gas fireplaces far exceeds having a wood fireplace. At Northeastern Fireplace & Design, we have just the right gas appliances for your home. Whether you are looking to remodel, upgrade, or re-purpose, converting to gas is always a good option, and it is easy. We would love to help you simplify your life with a gas fireplace, call our team today!

Benefits of Gas

flames of a gas fireplaceGas fireplaces are way easier to maintain and operate than wood fireplaces. If you want convenience and ease, then you should invest in a gas appliance for your home. With a gas fireplace, you can have a cozy fire with a flip of a switch or a button. Whereas, for a wood fireplace, you have to cut, haul, cure, and stack the wood just right to enjoy a fire. What a pain! Here are some of the benefits of gas appliances.

  • Easy to light and extinguish. With a gas fireplace you don’t have to mess with kindling and matches. Most of the models can be lit with a simple button or switch, while others require a match-light. With the convenient on/off feature, it’s easy to control the temperature and the flame.
  • A cleaner burn. Gas fireplace products burn cleaner than wood. This means less of a carbon footprint on the environment, less soot in the chimney, and even less maintenance to your system.
  • Easy installation. Depending on which gas appliance you choose, you can have it installed anywhere. Some products like the direct gas insert, can be installed anywhere that a vent is installed whether it is through a wall or roof.
  • No hassle associate with it. You don’t have to cut, stack, or carry wood with a gas fireplace. You don’t have to clean up wood ash in your firebox or fire accessories. Your air quality isn’t affected when you clean up the ash, and your fire isn’t affected when you choose the wrong wood.

You can even choose a gas fireplace and bypass having a chimney, especially if your chimney has fallen into disrepair or has been closed off by a previous owner. Many gas fireplaces don’t require a chimney at all. Some don’t even require a vent. With gas fireplaces, the possibilities are endless!

Start With a Professional

When you call Northeastern Fireplace and Design, a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) will walk you through the process from start to finish. We recommend products based on your specific need. For example, if you’re interested in aesthetics only and don’t need a lot of heat output, a vent-free log set is right for your needs.

However, if you depend on your fireplace for zone heating, our fireplace experts would recommends an insert. Product recommendations also will be determined by how much space you have available, your ideal location, home design, personality, and needs.

  • Gas Inserts – Highly efficient and dependable, these products give your existing masonry fireplace a facelift and is connected to an existing chimney. Our professionals will determine if the chimney is sound, and they can install the insert according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Gas Logs – You can still have a realistic and beautiful fire with gas logs. They feature lifelike details, shapes, and colors that mimic different types of wood. You can choose between bright birch, deep charred oak, and anything in between. Our vented log sets have a realistic yellow flames, but the vent-free log sets have blue flames. While some homeowners prefer the yellow flame, the vent-free log sets offer the convenience of easier installation and other benefits!

If you’re ready to convert to gas, you should call one of our expert from Northeastern Fireplace & Design at 518-767-9314 to get started!