Are you looking to add warmth and charm to your home? Adding a new fireplace, insert, or stove to your home can enhance your home’s overall ambiance and supplement your home’s heating needs. At Northeastern Fireplace and Design, we know that everybody has different preferences when determining the type of appliance they want. That’s why we offer a wide variety of the most trusted brands in home heating options. Let the team at Northeastern Fireplace and Design help you discover the hearth appliance that’s right for you.

We offer a wide variety of brands

wood stoveWe offer a wide variety of brand name products in our showroom. The brands we offer are world renowned and the best on the market. These brands include Enviro, Mendota, Valor, Renaissance Fireplaces, Harman, and Hearthstone. It’s no wonder we are Albany and the Capital District’s number one choice for the fireplace, stove, and insert appliances.

We do our research

Because we want the best for our customers, we do our research to determine what bands we want to carry and sell. Each appliance we sell must meet the highest standards in safety, quality, efficiency, and design. If we don’t think a product is safe, we are not going to sell it. Your safety is our number one concern. If we don’t think a product uses high-quality parts, we don’t carry it or sell it. If we aren’t impressed by a product’s heating capability or efficiency, we don’t sell it. If we don’t think a product has been designed properly, we don’t carry it or sell it.

We want our customers to have the best products available on the market, so we only offer products that meet our standards. You can rest assured that you are safe and satisfied when you buy a heating appliance from Northeastern Fireplace and Design.

Visit our showroom!

Although you can see the wide variety of products we offer on our website, nothing beats coming to our showroom and seeing them for yourself. You can visit our showroom at 1650 US Route 9W Suite 101, Selkirk, NY, 12158. One of our knowledgeable home heating experts will be so happy to guide you through all the heating appliance options available. When it comes to the best brands, we know our stuff. Don’t hesitate and check us out today!