Your fireplace hearth is an area in your home where you can cuddle up with the ones you love and warm yourselves up on a cold winter’s night. However, your fireplace isn’t just a place to sit around and keep warm, it also serves as the focal area of your home’s interior design. Your fireplace says a lot about your home’s style, and the accessories and tools that you use to accessorize your fireplace should do the same. That’s why we here at Northeastern Fireplace and Design offer a wide variety of fireplace accessories which are both stylish as well as functional. We even offer many accessories that you may have never known you needed.

Tools and Accessories

Most people who own a fireplace probably already possess some of the more common hearth tools and accessories. This would include things like a toolset, andirons, and wood holders. Many of these tools are considered essential for fireplace operation and maintenance, especially if you own a wood burning fireplace. However, there are a lot of fireplace accessories that can also either make your life easier, or brighten up your fireplace area. A few of the lesser known accessories include:

Hearth Rugs and Pads – Help keep your floor safe by protecting it from sparks or embers that may land on it with a hearth rug or pad. These come in a variety of different shapes, styles, and themes.

Steamers – Steamers are a great way to add a little humhearth accessories by the fireplacedity to your home. Just fill your steamer with water and let the steam it produces combat the dry winter air.

Kettles – A kettle can add a hint of hominess to your living area, but it can also be useful. Just fill it up and in no time you will have hot water to use any way you wish.

Ash Containers – Keep your hearth clean by putting your ash into an ash container. These are designed to safely hold your ash until you’re ready to dispose of it on your own.

Other Accessories – We also offer a wide variety of other accessories including lucky hearth crickets, fireplace cranes, candle holders, and trivets, just to name a few. To see what else we have to offer, feel free stop by our showroom and check out our wide variety of hearth accessories. You can also check out our online showroom which even has more to offer in terms of hearth accessory options.

If you’re looking to make the area around your hearth more beautiful, we here at Northeastern Fireplace and Design can help! No matter what you’re looking for, we can help you design the hearth of your dreams!