When shopping, one of the best parts is adding accessories.  This can be the extra feature on your new car or truck, or the perfect pair of shoes with your outfit.  Your fireplace also has add-ons to choose from that can help you safely (and fashionably) maintain your fire.  These can work on a new or old model, or the environmentally friendly units.  Call or visit Northeastern Fireplace and Design to see what products we offer!

Accessories Every Fireplace Owner Needs

Having a safely maintained fireplace depends on getting the right tools.

Having a safely maintained fireplace depends on getting the right tools.

Fireplace Cover

A fireplace cover is almost always on the top of the importance list.  These help prevent the ashes and sparks from escaping from the fire.  They make a variety of options that will fit any size fireplace.  They can also be decorated to fit the look of the home.  However, you should look into choosing a glass door to help with keeping smoke and fumes from entering your home.

Firewood Holders

When you have a wood-burning fireplace, it always seems that you are running out of wood to furl the fire.  When you pile the logs next to the fire, it will usually leave a mess behind.  There are other alternatives to your basic plastic bucket that you can get from the dollar store.  Fireplace specialty stores will often offer different options that are a variety of sizes and materials.

Matches and Lighters

Dealing with fire is one of the most dangerous parts of having a fireplace.  They make a variety of safe but fashionable lighters to assist with your fireplace, and different containers to store the matches.

Fireplace Tools

Like a carpenter, a fireplace user needs his or her own set of tools to manage their fire and clean out the firebox after the flames are put out.  These tools consist of a broom and a scoop that help you remove ash, and a poker that helps you stoke the fire.  Lastly, the set should come with fireplace tongs that help you change the position of the wood without burning your hands.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) also includes other accessories that they feel are important.  These include blowers, grates, dampers, and screens.  To learn more click here. Visit us and let us help you make your fireplace both beautiful and high performing.