Harman Pellet Stoves

Harman Pellet Stoves

Are you looking for an alternative to forced air heating — an alternative that’s easy to use, affordable, and that brings a lot of style and charm to your favorite living space? It’s time to take a look at pellet stoves. Pellet stoves are:

  • Environmentally friendly — With the technology in use today, pellet stoves burn cleaner and provide an environmentally friendly heating solution, which means you can enjoy the warmth without the guilt. And since the pellets themselves are made of renewable wood waste, you can actually feel good about using your pellet stove.
  • Highly efficient — Because wood pellets are so compact and condensed, they provide a more complete burn and really pack a punch in terms of heat production. More heat + less waste = winning.
  • Easy to use — Modern pellet stoves are made using innovative technology that’s designed to make stove use easier and more convenient than ever before. With self-loading hoppers and touch panels, it’s easy to love and enjoy a pellet stove.


Save Money & Enjoy A Warmer, Cozier Home With A Harman Pellet Stove

If you love the sound of a pellet stove, just check out the pellet stoves from Harman, a brand known for its innovation and craftsmanship. These steel and cast iron pellet stoves are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs, and provide unparalleled efficiency. Some of their innovative features:

Absolute63 Pellet Stove
Absolute63 Pellet Stove
Allure50 Pellet StoveAllure50 Pellet Stove P43 Pellet StoveP43 Pellet Stove
  • PelletPro™ System — Concerned about the grade of pellet? With the PelletPro™ system, you can enjoy maximum heat all day and night, with total temperature precision, no matter what grade of pellet you’re using to feed the fire.
  • Exhaust Sensing Probe (ESP) Technology — The ESP system is designed to monitor the temperature of the room and adjust the pellet stove as needed to maintain consistent temperature within one degree. It’s smarter than a thermostat and ensures you get even room temperature and comfort from your pellet stove. It also eliminates the inefficiency, discomfort, and fuel waste that happens when a thermostat monitors temperature less frequently and the appliance has to catch up to get the temperature back to the desired level.
  • EASY Touch Control — The EASY Touch Control is pretty unbelievable and offers homeowners a host of convenient features. Set your temperature and turn the unit on right from the home screen. Want reminders for when your pellet stove should be cleaned? The EASY Touch Control will tell you. Need the stove to run as quiet as a mouse? You got it. You can even schedule your heat for added time and money savings with the EASY Touch Control.

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