Not sure about using gas or wood for your fireplace? Let us help!

Not sure about using gas or wood for your fireplace? Let us help!

Here in New York, the weather can get chilly and downright cold at times. What better way to survive the cold than snuggled up in front of a roaring fireplace? In fact, there’s really not a good reason why you shouldn’t get a fireplace in your home—it just makes sense! Many homeowners rate fireplaces near or at the top of their desired features list. They might not be an absolute must have item, but they are definitely a solid plus for a lot of people. For them, fireplaces are romantic additions to any property.

As you make the decision of what type of fireplace you want, take your needs and your own capacities for fueling into consideration. Sometimes a backyard fire pit or open-hearth barbecue can satiate their desire. Especially during brisk fall or winter nights, the allure of dancing flames, a chorus of crackling sounds and a nice woodsy aroma are all that are needed to bring back fond family memories and/or build new ones. However, whether indoors or out, there are some practical advantages and drawbacks to both wood-burning and gas-fueled fireplaces.

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

The main advantage to a wood-burning fireplace or an outdoor fire pit is the ambiance it creates. Since wood is the original renewable fuel, all the positives that go with a green/conservationist perspective come into play for some homebuyers. And with advanced fireplace technology, you can reduce gas emissions, increase the circulation of heat in indoor versions, or help warm both family members and guests alike on those colder evenings.

The disadvantages to a wood-burning fireplace are fairly straightforward. A certain degree of vigilance is always needed to keep the embers safely where they belong. Cleaning up ashes and soot is an uninspiring pastime, and it’s even less enjoyable when accidental spills spread the mess. Then there is the annual need to keep the chimney clear and clean, not to mention the annual task of finding the fuel—either chopping wood or paying for it to be delivered. Additional hassles can surface if there are problems starting the fire or keeping it going. There is also some evidence to indicate that particles generated from wood burning can be harmful to one’s health as well as the environment.

Gas-Fueled Fireplaces

The main advantage of gas fireplaces for some homeowners is how easy they are to turn on and off. Instead of matches, newspaper, kindling, and close attention, starting many of these units can be as simple as flipping a switch. Cleanup? Ha! Nor is there a need to religiously tend to the fire. Most gas fireplaces have non-burning displays that resemble wood logs, and burners that conserve fuel by getting the most visual appeal through well-designed flame spreaders.

For many people, the main disadvantage of a gas fireplace is that there is no roaring fire, wood smell or crackling of a dancing flame. For environmentalists, gas fireplaces deplete a non-renewable resource. While it’s not necessary to carry logs to an outdoor gas fire pit, the gas tank must be refilled (or possibly a gas line run to the unit from a larger, stationary tank).

You Can’t Make a Bad Decision

Whether gas or wood burning—either fireplace style remains an attractive amenity to a considerable proportion of many homeowners. This is an area where, as always, you should feel free to seek the assistance of an experienced professional. If you are considering a home remodel, be sure to weigh the long-term advantages and disadvantages to your choice. No matter which one you decide on, look forward to the addition of a fireplace to your home. Quality time spent around a roaring fire is usually the stuff of movies.

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