The Yule log is a scene we all know.

Make Your Fireplace The Centerpiece of Your Holiday Celebrations Image - Albany NY - Northeastern FireplaceThis log presents an iconic tableau of holiday serenity and family solidarity. Historians debate its origins, but we know the image: crackling wood with dancing yellow flames in a fireplace. It’s the image of cozy holiday cheer. Several decades ago, a television station in New York started its own tradition of Yule log viewing. WPIX-11 presented a picture of a Yule log accompanied by music.

The TV tradition caught on and continues. So that tells you how powerful the urge is to sit before a fireplace and hearth at the holidays.

Why is that? Is it religious, spiritual, or just plain primal and communal? We don’t need to answer that. Such answers are individual and personal.

Sure, we can watch YouTube renderings of the Yule log or watch it on a screen. But we do know this: you are one of the fortunate ones if you in fact own a working fireplace and hearth.


You can create your own Yule log tableau.

Live and in person.

Decorate your mantel. Get into the holiday spirit. Light the fire. Cozy up.

Then sit before that fire. A real fire. Invite your loved ones to keep the Yule log tradition alive and well.

It doesn’t matter whether your fuel is pellets, propane, natural gas, or seasoned firewood. (Though you can’t beat firewood for the most authentic experience.)

Feel the warmth.

Smell the burning log.

Hear the crackle.

We have a daring suggestion. A challenge: Turn off the television. Put down your smartphone. Don’t peak. Put it on airplane mode. (Call it fireplace mode.)

Tell stories.

Sing songs.

Hold hands.


We can almost guarantee you it will end up being the best holiday time you ever spent.

Throw some more logs on the fire.

Yule logs or whatever you want to call them.


Tell us about it.

Northeastern Fireplace & Design invites you to share with us your holiday fireplace memories. They can be from 2016 or 1956. We’re willing to bet you’ve got some good stories to tell.

We’ll go out on a limb (not a firewood limb) and suggest that those of you who accept our challenge to turn off your mobile devices to just sit by the holiday fire will find it rewarding. Sure, it may be difficult for some. But give it 15 minutes, then 30 minutes, then one hour.

You may be surprised and delighted by the results. You may be pleased at how rewarding “doing nothing” can be.

We’d love to hear back from our legions of loyal customers. Tell us your holiday fireplace stories at our Selkirk, NY showroom or call us at (518) 767-9314. Connect with us via email if you prefer.

Let’s sit by that fire and make this holiday one to remember.