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Staying warm during a winter storm is crucial, especially if the power goes out. Call Northeastern Fireplace & Design today to explore your options!

“It was a dark and stormy night…” So, begins a novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton with a sentence that has inspired the “Peanuts” comic strip, a bad-writing contest and countless parodies. Many people know how the sentence begins. But how does it end? It talks of “… the lamps that struggled against the darkness.” That sounds a lot like the threat of a modern-day power outage, doesn’t it? And that’s where Northeastern Fireplace & Design comes in. How prepared are you for those wintry dark and stormy nights (or days) that can cause power outages and leave you in the cold?

Northeastern Fireplace & Design can help you sort out your energy sources and choices so that you have emergency heating options. The more choices you have, the more contingencies your home has if a winter storm knocks out your electricity. Some of this is obvious and filled with common sense. For example, if you rely solely on electricity in your home, you’re going to want some backup alternatives. If you rely on natural gas or propane, you can consider additional layers of protection in case the power goes out. The last thing you want is to see your breath in your own home! Let Northeastern Fireplace & Design help you with secure heating scenarios.

Wood-burning Inserts

Naturally, adding wood, pellets or corn as a fuel source is a smart choice. To enable a fuel switchover, consider installing an insert in your fireplace. It’s a smart choice. A fireplace insert can supplement your existing heat sources and upgrade your home’s heating capabilities. Adding layers of fuel choices might even save you heating costs in the long run. Come into our showroom to see first-hand the fireplace inserts we offer. We’ll help you decide on the right equipment for your particular needs.

Find out why Northeastern Fireplace & Design has enjoyed a solid and trustworthy reputation for more than 35 years. We gladly serve customers in Albany and the Capital Region; Columbia, Hudson and Greene Counties in New York State; the Adirondacks; and western Massachusetts. Stop in today at our Selkirk, NY showroom or call us at (518) 767-9314. Let’s end that “dark and stormy night” sentence on a very warm note.