3 Reasons to Go for Gas!

Whenever the cold months are upon us, we all like to just stay home, keep warm and relax with our family and loved ones. For this reason (and for several others), we have many types of fireplaces ready to best fit your need. But the thing is, a number of homeowners now see the many possible hassles that a traditional wood burning fireplace may bring.

Do you have more questions about what it would take to switch to a gas stove or fireplace? Call us today.

Do you have more questions about what it would take to switch to a gas stove or fireplace? Call us today.

But not to worry, you don’t need to give up those warm and cozy nights that you’ve always dreamed of. Our expert team here at Northeastern Fireplace & Design has the perfect solution for you! What is this solution, you may ask? Two words – Gas Fireplace.

Now, you may raise your eyebrows at first, but hear us out. There are plenty of advantages that you can get when you decide to convert to a Gas Fireplace. Here are some of these advantages:

# 1: Get warmer quicker.

In the traditional wood or log fireplace, your heat supply would only last as long as there is still wood to burn. The moment the wood or log runs out, then so does your heat. But is you have a gas fireplace, you no longer have to worry about refilling the log supply to maintain constant heat. And not only is this convenient, it’s much more economical too.

#2: It is much more energy-efficient

Because of the even heat and heat at the press of a button, your home heats up more quickly and stays warmer longer. Saving energy means saving money. We know that is important to you. This means your home is more environmentally-friendly.

#3: It is much easier to work and maintain

The main difference between the traditional fireplace and a gas fireplace is the absence of wood. Unlike a traditional fireplace, you would need to look for firewood (chop your own or order), store them and then constantly refill them once they’re used up. And not to mention the need for you to manually start your flame every time you want to use your fireplace.

In a gas fireplace, you’ll have heat in your homes with a flip of a switch. And because it doesn’t utilize wood you no longer need to worry about sparks or ashes flying around. And more importantly, there is no creosote.

These three should be reason enough to help convince you to switch to a gas fireplace. So what are you waiting for? Look for a NFI (National Fireplace Institute) certified specialist and have your very own Gas Fireplace installed today!