You may think that your gas stove or insert doesn’t require any cleaning. After all, you’re not burning any solid matter like wood, pellets or coal. You’re burning gas which creates no ashes or other solid by-products. This means you really don’t need to clean your gas stove or insert, right? Well, as a matter of fact, your gas stove of insert does need periodic cleanings as well as inspections. Although there are a couple of things you may be able to clean on your own, the safest way to clean your gas stove or insert is to have a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified chimney technician clean it for you during your annual chimney or stove inspection. At Northeastern Fireplace & Design, we want to help you with your spring cleaning by taking care of your gas stove or insert cleaning for you.

Why do I need to have my gas stove cleaned?

Many people wonder why a stove or insert that burns gas would need to be cleaned since gas is supposedly clean burning. It is true that gas burns very cleanly, especially compared to wood burning appliances which produce a lot of smoke, soot, and creosote. The gas burning process actually does cause small amounts of residue and creosote to build up in your flue and ventilation systems. However, a more common reason for creosote and debris buildup in your chimney flue is when old ceramic log sets start to deteriorate and actually burn away. Debris from ceramic log deterioration can clog your vents. Which leads to poor air circulation, cooler burning fires, and is also a potential fire hazard.

Can I do any cleaning on my own?

Your flue should only be inspected and cleaned by a CSIA-certified chimney technician. That being said, there are a few things you can do at home to keep your fireplace tidy. Before you attempt any gas stove or fireplace cleaning at home, you need to make sure your fireplace has been turned off for a while and cooled down to room temperature. The other thing you need to do before you clean is to make sure the source of gas to your stove or insert is turned if off. Periodically cleaning your fireplace glass and gently vacuuming dust and cobwebs from your firebox is okay, just remember to keep your head outside the firebox at all times. Also, do not move your gas burners or ceramic log set. They are placed specifically for optimum efficiency and safety.

If you have any concerns about turning off your gas, or don’t feel comfortable sticking your arms inside your firebox, one of Northeastern Fireplace & Design’s CSIA-certified chimney technicians can help you with that as well. Spring is a great time to get your gas appliances inspected and cleaned! If you have a gas stove or insert that needs cleaning, contact us today and schedule a meeting with one of our certified chimney technicians.