There isn’t really anything better than coming home to a nice warm fire on a brisk autumn night. There’s just something about the glow and warmth of a fire that fosters a cozy, cheerful atmosphere in your home. If you crave the warm glow of a fire inside when it’s cold outside, a new stove might be right for you. At Northeastern Fireplace and Design, we offer a wide variety of sizes and styles of wood, gas and pellet stoves. Although all of the stoves we offer, meet the highest of quality and efficiency standards, different types of stoves may be more beneficial than others, depending on your fuel availability and lifestyle.New Stove Before Fall - Albany NY - Northeastern Fireplace & Design

Wood Stoves

The dancing flames, the crackling wood, and the warm glow that you get with a wood stove are unmatched. Also, wood is cheap and readily available in most areas. If your looking to add a stove that will produce a lot of heat and add some charm to your living area, a wood stove might be right for you.

Gas Stoves 

Gas stoves are easy to operate and usually require just flipping a switch to turn it on and off. Also, gas stoves don’t require fuel to be hauled into your home, saving you time and effort.

Pellet/Corn Stoves 

Pellet/Corn stoves burn either wood pellets or corn. This is handy because you can usually just by a bag a fuel and store it where ever you want in your home. Although pellet/corn stoves don’t offer the charm of dancing flames like our wood and gas options, they are excellent heat producers.

All of the stoves we offer meet the highest of safety standards. That being said, a stove is only safe if it is properly installed. There are a lot of clearance and construction protocols which must be addressed during a stove installation. These protocols are put in place to assure that your stove is not a fire hazard to your home. This is why we highly recommend that stove installations are completed by one of our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified chimney technicians.  CSIA certification means that our chimney technicians have been trained and tested on all of the most up to date safety and installation techniques, guaranteeing your stove will be safe to operate

Whatever type of fuel and style you choose, adding a new stove to your home this fall is a great way to keep you and your family nice and cozy when it gets cold outside. Call the stove experts at Northeastern Fireplace and Design today at (518) 767-9314 or come in and visit our showroom and let us show you why a new stove is right for you!