Exactly what is a gas fireplace?

A persnickety reader might insist on calling it a gas-burning fireplace or a gas-fueled fireplace. That’s what it is: a fireplace that burns gas as its heating fuel. By gas, we mean natural gas or propane.

What are some of the advantages of a gas fireplace?

There are several advantages to employing a gas fireplace.

  • The use of a clean-burning fuel, therefore enhancing environmental stewardship.
  • The convenience and neatness of not having to season, stack, and load firewood into the fireplace.
  • The lack of having to clean up and dispose of ashes from burnt wood.
  • A gas fireplace is also easy to use: turn it on with the flick of a switch and regulate the temperature yourself.
  • Perhaps the greatest advantage is its superior heating efficiency.

What are some disadvantages of a gas fireplace?

  • Some people might opt for the authenticity of a wood fireplace as compared to a gas fireplace.
  • The literal smell and look and feel of burning wood might be an advantage in the eyes and ears of some.
  • The lack of those elements might be seen as a disadvantage.

How do they heat?

A gas fireplace burns natural gas. So if natural gas is unavailable, the gas fireplace burns propane. The combustion process then yields heat that is vented to a room or to select portions of a house.

How about cost?gas-fireplace-faq-albany-ny-northeasternfireplace-design-w800-h600

In terms of efficiency and long-term investment, a gas fireplace provides solid value. We help customers calculate cost and benefit comparisons.

What are the environmental benefits?

As a cleaner burning alternative, natural gas offers the benefits of reduced emissions and less particulate matter than burning firewood.

If you heat with gas, does it eliminate the need for preventive maintenance?

No. Although gas is a relatively clean-burning fuel, it still produces residues and other byproducts of combustion, just as burning wood does. Maintenance is still required.

What sorts of gas fireplace selections are available from Northeastern Fireplace & Design?

We carry high-quality, nationally recognized brand names. They include Envirofire, Mendota, Valor and other top brands.

What about installation?

Gas fireplaces are relatively easy to install, affording a variety of choices in how and where they can be situated. Naturally, we suggest you rely on our certified professionals to install your gas fireplace.

Are there safety concerns?

Fireplace and stove glass safety are two areas of fire-safety concern. In addition, risk prevention and safe practice depend to a significant extent on human intervention. As recommended by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, or HPBA, free-standing or attached safety screens or gates provide a barrier making it harder for anyone, adult or child, to accidentally touch a hot surface.

Why buy from Northeastern Fireplace & Design?

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