A Fresh Look for the Fireplace: Gas Inserts

Is your fireplace outdated and inefficient in providing the right amount of heat you need for your home? Trying to repair the masonry might cost you a fortune. But not to worry! There is a simple solution that will does not need to put a holes in your pocket. It is convenient, easy to use, and if you choose the right design, it will totally uplift the look of your old unit and your home.

Homeowners are looking for ways to be more green and save money. A gas insert may be just the answer.

Homeowners are looking for ways to be more green and save money. A gas insert may be just the answer.

An ideal, modern way of revamping your fireplace is installing a gas insert. This way you can improve the efficiency of the heating system without having to replace the entire furnace. It just needs to be inserted in the area of the fireplace and you get the right amount of heat for you and your home. Here at Northeastern Fireplace and Design you will find the best quality gas inserts to suit your needs.

The Benefits

  • Efficiency – Because it burns fuel more completely, it leaves out the unnecessary byproducts of combustion. It also requires minimal clean-up.
  • Cost-effectiveness –  If you invest in a gas insert, you will spend less instead of using up all your cash on repairing ages-old brick masonry.
  • New Look – It replaces chipped and cracked brick walls and oversized openings with a well-sized, perfectly fitted, gorgeous-looking gas insert that you can just stare at all day.
  • New Beginnings for your fireplace – The best part about having a gas insert is that you’re not totally replacing it; you are just giving it what it needs to perform better and even look better as well.

It’s a fresh start for your fireplace and the entire living area without the costliness of a total home makeover. Having one installed in your home can be hassle-free. It is sleek and convenient; some models can even be switched by a remote control.

If you are eager to check out a gas insert give us a call. We’d love to show you around our showroom and discuss with you more about what kind of gas insert is perfect for your existing fireplace. You can trust that our NFI-certified experts will be able to answer your questions and tell you what you need to know. We at Northeastern Fireplace and Design want to help you create that ambience you so desire in your home.