According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA), “Almost all North Americans with older wood burning fireplaces can benefit from the installation of a fireplace insert. Generally, older fireplaces have efficiency ratings of just five to ten percent.” What is your Fireplace Efficiency Status (FES)? Are you a fireplace efficiency wannabe?

At Northeastern Fireplace & Design, our professionals can give you straight talk about fireplace options. Although no one wants to hear that their dollars are going up in smoke, we promise we’ll be honest but gentle if that’s what we find. And we will be pleased to provide expert guidance on improving efficiency through a gas insert.

So, let’s talk about gas inserts. They are a quick, easy and economical way to improve your current heating system. Natural gas fireplace inserts come in a variety of options in terms of venting, dimensions and heat output. They provide consistent and controllable heat.

Enhance Warmth and comfort with a new gas insert - Albany NY- Northeastern Fireplace and Design
What are some key advantages of installing a gas fireplace insert?

  1. Cost. You should be able to achieve long-term savings if for no other reason than you are not wasting energy that burning wood produces, especially via an old and inefficient system. Energy waste occurs from indoor air loss and draft. According to some sources, the air loss from a wood-burning fireplace exceeds that from windows and doors. Moreover, you will also save on the cost of wood.
  2. Maintenance, ease, and care. Say goodbye to ash and soot and smoke. Bid farewell to the mess that wood burning entails. Forget about hauling wood in and tending the fire. Start a fire with the flick of a switch and regulate the flame just as easily. Presto. A gas fireplace insert makes operation, care, and maintenance a cinch.
  3. Aesthetics. A gas fireplace insert provides a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere consistently and reliably – even during a power outage.

To review: A gas fireplace insert yields savings in the long run, is virtually maintenance-free and provides a pleasing ambiance.There’s one more important point: professional installation. The HPBA underscores the importance of professional installation. Employing the services of a seasoned Northeastern Fireplace & Design pro adds a layer of health and safety for you and your family. Our certified and experienced technicians can help to protect your investment by assuring that your gas fireplace insert works properly, safely and efficiently. Our team members undergo specialized training and stay current regarding the best practices in the industry.Northeastern Fireplace & Design has a legacy of thousands of satisfied customers throughout the Capital District, western Massachusetts, eastern New York and beyond. But even before engaging with our knowledgeable and friendly staff, we’ve devised an online calculator that lets you noodle with some numbers as you consider the value of a gas insert for your fireplace. We heartily encourage you to play around with our online tool to get a feel for the value of your return on investment.Once you have “sharpened your pencil,” get in touch with us. Call us at (518) 767-9314 or stop by at 1650 US Route 9W Suite 101 in Selkirk, New York. We’ll keep the fire burning – or switch it on just for you.