It’s getting cooler outside and soon another cold, New York winter will be upon us. Some of you may have already turned on your heating systems which means you’re already dealing with the higher energy costs that are associated with keeping your home warm. Cost associated with cold temperatures is something that all homeowners have to face each winter, but did you know there are some energy saving tips that you can follow this winter which can help you save money? Below, are some useful tips which may help you as you develop energy-saving strategies this winter.


Windows allow for a lot of heat transfer out of your house. Older windows can be pretty drafty allowing cold air to come into your house. One of the best ways to keep cool air from infiltrating your home is to cover drafty windows. There are a number of kits which you can buy which use heavy-duty plastic to cover your windows, reducing draft. There are also insulating drapes which you can buy which also reduce draft.

Another thing you can do with your windows is to keep your curtains open on south-facing windows. Allowing sunlight to naturally heat your home can aid in reducing the amount of energy needed to heat your home.


Your thermostat controls the amount of energy being used in your home by keeping your home at a desired temperature. The temperature you set your thermostat at can have an enormous effect on your energy use and energy cost. Set your thermostat at the lowest temperature you feel comfortable with. When you are asleep or away from your home, turn your thermostat back 7 – 10 degrees. Doing this for 8 hours a day can save you 10 % a year on your heating cost.


We already discussed how to deal with drafty windows, but there are other places around your home that can let in cold air. You can inspect your house for drafty areas by checking places which have a high potential for drafting. This includes window and door frames, baseboards, fireplace dampers, pipe and conduit inlets, and anywhere else you believe has the potential for drafting. If you feel cool air coming from an area of your home, there are different options for sealing drafts depending on where the draft is coming from.

Heating Systems

Keeping your heating systems working efficiently can also reduce the amount of energy used during the winter. Changing filters and keeping flue vents clean is essential for an efficiently running heating system, but it is also important to use the correct heating system for your home needs. At Northeastern Fireplace & Design we have a large number of energy efficient fireplaces stoves, inserts, and other gas appliances. Stop by our showroom today and ask one of our associates how we can save you money this winter with our many energy saving heating systems.