Your fireplace says a lot about your home’s style. In fact, most people use their fireplace as the centerpiece of their home’s decor. Your fireplace says a lot about you and so should the tools you use to maintain the beauty of your fireplace. You took a lot of care to install a fireplace which perfectly balances your functionality and design needs. Why shouldn’t you take as much care when purchasing the fireplace tools?

At Northeastern Fireplace & Design, we have a wide variety of fireplace tools for you to choose from which will satisfy you in regards to function and aesthetics.


Although Northeastern Fireplace & Design has a lot of tools available for purchase, there are definitely some tools that are more commonly used and considered essential for your fireplace.

Every fireplace owner should be equipped with:

  • tongs for lifting, repositioning and clipping hot logs;
  • a poker for stirring hot coals and wood chunks;
  • a brush for sweeping up ash within your firebox;
  • and a shovel for scooping ashes and embers in your firebox.

These tools are made of fire-resistant metal, usually iron, but Northeastern Fireplace & Design also has them in a number of different finishes including bronze, brushed steel, and antique copper. We also want you to feel comfortable when you are using your fireplace tools. That’s why we offer tools with a wide variety of handle options including iron ball handles, leather handles, or a classic eye hook handle, just to name a few.

Tool Sets and Hearth Centers

If you don’t have time to shop for tools individually or just want to make sure that all of your tools match, we also have a wide variety of toolsets and hearth centers available as well. Tool sets usually consist of a stand which you can hang your tongs, poker, brush, and shovel on. The stand is designed to store all your tools close to the fireplace, without taking up too much room. Because it sold as a set, all the tools in a toolset usually have the same design, so you can be confident that all your tools will match.

Hearth centers are similar to tool sets, except the tools hang from a basket designed to hold wood and kindling. This is the perfect tool for those who desire an optimal, all in one, fire building experience.

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If you are looking to replace an old fireplace tool or are looking to purchase an entirely new toolset, Northeastern Fireplace and Design has what you are looking for. Visit our showroom to browse our wide selection of products!