You love your fireplace. It serves as an area for you and your loved ones to gather and spend time together while staying warm and cozy. However, your fireplace is also a focal area that can determine the aesthetics of your entire living area. Hearth accessories can really enhance your fireplace experience as well as give a much-needed boost to your home’s overall interior design scheme. At Northeastern Fireplace & Design, we have all the fireplace and hearth accessories that you need to spice up your living area. Check out our online store to see everything that we have available while we tell you about some of our more popular products.

Tool Sets

No hearth is complete without a toolset. Tool sets usually include, but are not limited to, a poker, tongs, an ash brush, and a shovel. These tools are key to maintaining your fire and fireplace. We have tool sets that come in a wide variety of designs that are made from only the best materials. Check our tool sets today!


You need a place to hold logs in place, right? You might as well hold them in style with our andirons. We’ve got some really unique and beautiful andirons to choose from that will look great in your fireplace.

Log Holders

You don’t want to go outside to the woodpile everytime you want to add a log to the fire. So why not save yourself the time and effort by checking out our wide variety of log holders. We even have a log holder and toolset combinations for a truly all-in-one hearth center experience.


Get your fire roaring more quickly with our selection of bellows. Our stylish bellows will help you give a breath of fresh air to fires and your hearth decor as well. Check them out today!

Hearth Guards

Hearth guards are a very useful safety device that prevents sparks of hot embers from entering into your living area and potentially injuring one of your loved ones. Although protecting you is their main function, why not get a hearth guard that will also enhance the aesthetics of your living area as well. Check out our wide selection of heath guards.

These are just a few of the accessories that we have to offer. Check out a more extensive list here. If you are looking to spruce up your hearth area, come check out our showroom today or contact us to set up an appointment today!