Can't make up your mind? Don't know which is best? Let our experts at Northeastern Fireplace and Design help you!

Can’t make up your mind? Don’t know which is best? Let our experts at Northeastern Fireplace and Design help you!

Northeastern Fireplace & Design is known for offering, installing and servicing a variety of fireplaces, inserts and stoves, but our work goes beyond supplemental heating appliances. If you’re in need of a new central heating appliance, we’re here to provide the best products and the best service there, too!

If your central heating appliance needs replacing, give Northeastern Fireplace & Design a call or stop by our showroom in Selkirk, and we’ll help you find the right unit for your home.

Choosing The Right Central Heating Appliance

When you’re considering a new central heating appliance, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make relates to the fuel that appliance burns. Different fuels have different benefits, and Northeastern Fireplace technicians will be glad to talk you through your options and help you settle on what makes the most sense for your family and your home.

We carry a variety of coal and multi-fuel furnaces, which work reliably and efficiently and allow you to switch from coal to wood — a great option if you have ample access to firewood and want to be able to take advantage of a renewable fuel resource.

Another great option — particularly for eco-minded homeowners — is a pellet/corn furnace. These provide consistent and efficient heat with a lot of convenience — a hopper feeds fuel evenly and automatically, and we have units that self-clean, so you barely need to think about it. The big bonus, though, is that these units make use of pellets made of what would otherwise be waste wood (along with corn, wheat or rye) — recycling at its best.

Regardless of the appliance you choose, with Northeastern Fireplace & Design, you’ll have a unit that’s made well and installed correctly — we’ve put considerable time and effort into sourcing the industry’s best products, and our National Fireplace Institute-certified technicians work just as hard to maintain our company’s high standards and reputation.

Come see us at our showroom, or call to make an appointment — we’d love to help you with all your heating needs!