As you know, a calendar is just a piece of paper or a digital readout. It’s not a sure-fire indicator of meteorological conditions, especially in New York State. Nevertheless, seasons do change — even in our neck of the woods. So, as winter recedes and temperatures climb, it’s a good time to think about proper post-winter care for your furnace and fireplace.

Northeastern Fireplace & Design stands ready to help and guide you as you close down your furnace and fireplace until next season.

As for your furnace, warmer months are an ideal time to prepare for downtime.

The most obvious action is to flip the switch. That’s right: switch your thermostat from heating to cooling when the warmer weather arrives.

It’s also wise to tune up your furnace. Have our trained technicians give your furnace a professional evaluation. That’s smart with respect to efficiency as well as practicality. In plain English, the dead of winter is just about the worst time to make an emergency furnace call.

Additionally, put in new filters. New filters on your furnace will help it run more smoothly and efficiently. Depending on your system, checking and replacing air filters can also improve the efficiency of your central air conditioning.

Finally, consider a furnace upgrade. Spring is a great time to take advantage of savings on new units, which operate with greater efficiency and return on investment than furnaces made years ago. Northeastern Fireplace & Design offers a rich variety of furnaces with the latest innovations.

As for fireplaces, we at Northeastern Fireplace & Design know a thing or two, as our name suggests.

There are practical things you can do yourself to close down your fireplace, and there are other things best left to professionals.

Let’s again state the obvious: shut down the fire, let the embers cool, and don’t start any more new fires. Once you are done for the season, stick to your decision.

What next? You can do some of the required cleanup work yourself. Once those embers have become stone-cold and safely disposed of, you can remove soot or ash from the bottom of the fireplace by using an industrial vacuum cleaner. As for the chimney, have a certified chimney sweep properly remove soot and creosote that has built up over the winter and its many hours of fire burning. By the time spring weather arrives, it is time to remove deposits in the chimney. You don’t want them to emit unpleasant odors.

Be sure to close your damper. When your fireplace goes unused for any significant duration, close the damper. Doing so prevents air and odors from entering or exiting the house.

If you have a gas fireplace, turn off the pilot light when you are done for the season. This will save on energy use and cost. If you’re unsure or skittish about how to do this, we’ll be glad to do it for you.

These simple and sensible steps will protect your home and make things that much easier in the next burning season.

Call us at (518) 767-9314 with any furnace or fireplace questions or concerns — no matter what your calendar says.