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Pellet/Corn Furnaces (Central Heating Appliances) & Boilers

Enjoy consistent heat and hot water the economical way with one of our pellet or corn boilers or furnaces. We carry two of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry – Harman & St. Croix Stoves – so you can expect high performance and durability! Check out our selection online or stop in and see us at our showroom here in Selkirk, NY!

PB105PelletBoilerByHarman-AlbanyNY-NortheasternFireplace&Design PB105 Pellet Boiler by Harman
Name: PB105 Pellet Boiler
Brand: Harman
Type: Central Heating Appliance
Fuel: Pellet/Corn
The Harman PB105 Pellet Boiler has automatic ignition, automatic temperature control, and Harman’s patented pellet pro feeder and burn pot.Designed for easy access to the burn pot, the entire hopper component swings open for performing maintenance and cleaning. The PB105 packs 0 to 105,000 BTU and has a 205 lb. hopper capacity and an extra large ash pan.Features:
– 3 Pass Heat Exchanger
– Design maintains maxiumum efficiency
– Insulated Water Jacket
– Electronic Temperature Control
– Swing Open Access to burn pot/firebox120 VAC85% efficiency
– Front door with window for easy burn pot accessOptions:
– Water Temperature Sensor
– Outside Air Temperature Sensor
– Dual Boiler Water Temperature and Pressure Gauge
– Well for Water Sensor
– Pressure Relief Valve
– Boiler Water Drain Valve
PF100PelletFurnaceByHarman-AlbanyNY-NortheasternFireplace&Design PF100 Pellet Furnace by Harman
Name: PF100 Pellet Furnace
Brand: Harman
Type: Central Heating Appliance
Fuel: Pellet/Corn
Harman PF100 Hot Air Pellet FurnaceTakes Pellet Fuel Heating To Its Optimum LevelThe Harman PF100 Hot Air Pellet Furnace takes pellet fuel heating to its optimum level, operating automatically to give you warm, comfortable temperatures throughout your home. Simple fill the hopper with pellets and set the temperature dial on the wall mounted control to the desired setting. The PF100 will do the rest. If heat is required, the fire will automatically light and burn at the proper rate to produce just the right amount of heat. If heating demand is reduced, the Harman PF100 will reduce the fire. If no heat is required, the fire will go out and light again automatically if more heat is needed.When the fuel in the hopper gets low the red light on the wall control will blink, telling you to add fuel to the hopper.The PF100’s huge ash pan allows two to three tons of pellets to be burned before emptying.With the patented Harman feeder and burn pot, even high ash pellets can be burned efficiently.The PF100 can be installed as a stand-alone hot air heating system or incorporated into existing hot air systems. A chimney is not required for venting. This direct vent system can also use outside air for combustion.

Dual heat exchangers are used to extract maximum heat from the fuel, which will save you money.

Click here to download a brochure about the benefits of heating your home with a Harman Pellet Stove.

Features / Options:

Automatic Ignition
Total Automatic Operation
Patented Pellet Pro Feeder
Patented Pellet Pro Burn Pot
Dual Heat Exchangers
Large Ash Door
Extra Large Ash Pan
Fire Viewing Glass
3 Speed Blower
Direct Vent
Easy Cleaning
Wall Mounted Control
Outside Air

* 1500 cfm 2 Speed Blower or
* 2000 cfm 3 Speed Blower

* 0-110,000 BTU
* 2500 sq. ft. area heated
* 160lb. hopper

PRESCOTTEXPBySt.CroixStoves-AlbanyNY-NortheasternFireplace&Design Prescott EXP by St. Croix Stoves
Brand: St. Croix Stoves
Type: Freestanding
Fuel: Pellet/Corn
Prescott EXP is the St. Croix standard-bearer featuring state-of-the-art advancements in pellet stove technology and a clean and straightforward design. The Prescott EXP is one of the most cost-effective pellet stoves on the market. Shown at left with optional nickel door and filigree reveal, the Prescott EXP comes standard in all black as shown below and is also available with a gold door and filigree reveal.Width 24 3/4″
Height 34″
Depth 26″
Vent Size 3″ rear vent
Heating Capacity up to 1800 sq. ft.
Hopper Capacity 75 lb.
Burn Rate (lbs./hr.) 1.2-4.5
BTUH up to 40,000
Ash Drawer Yes
Electronic Ignition Yes
Digital Controls Yes
Room Thermostat Yes
Shipping Weight 299 lb.

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