Don’t just think of it as maintenance. Or upkeep. Or “one of those things you have to do.” No, think of your furnace inspection as safety for you and your loved ones. And money in the bank. Before the first blast of cold air, before the hum of your furnace kicking on, call the professionals at Northeastern Fireplace & Design for a visual inspection and safety check.

Prevent risks; maximize efficiency

At Northeastern Fireplace & Design, we know furnaces. That means we understand what makes them work — and what makes them fail or perform below par. We also know how to detect potentially dangerous issues, such as carbon monoxide buildup from an improperly burning furnance. Don’t wait until you have a problem. Have your furnace inspected now.

What does an inspection involve? Furnace Inspection - Northeastern Fireplace - Albany NY

A thorough furnace inspection consists of a point-by-point review of mechanical and electrical components. We look for hidden issues that might pose a problem or safety threat at the worst time, for example, in the middle of a wintry night. We assess the working performance of your furnace so that you can reliably and safely enjoy the comforts of your home.

Furnaces galore

One of the reasons we are so skilled and adept at furnace and boiler inspections is simple and obvious: we sell and service them. So, we know furnaces inside out. The body of our long-standing experience makes our job easier and adds to your comfort level. Since we are your local furnace experts, we can literally apply lessons learned from our thousands of satisfied customers over the years. And this results in better choices for you.

Qualified professionals at your service

Northeastern Fireplace & Design is proud of the tough standards we demand of our technicians. An annual inspection of your furnance might seem ordinary and routine, but we don’t take it for granted. We understand the potential risks of skipping a furnace inspection — as well as the benefits of furnace inspection (pure air, heating efficiency, to name a few). Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is fully aware of furnace manufacturer requirements and specifications. Our experts are up-to-date on product bulletins and advisories — all for the purpose of smooth furnace operation, optimum efficiency, and the health and safety of homeowners and residents. This is true whether you bought your furnace from us or from another firm.

Experienced industry leaders

Northeastern Fireplace & Design proudly boasts more than 35 years of customer-acclaimed service in Albany, Columbia, Hudson and Greene counties in New York State — and beyond. By “beyond” we mean western Massachusetts, the Adirondacks and dozens of towns and villages in the Capital District and its vicinity. Come on in and visit us today at our Selkirk, NY showroom or call us at (518) 767-9314 for that furnace inspection you’ve been putting off. Don’t wait until all the leaves fall — or for Jack Frost’s first knock at your door.